DSL Internet 50

DSL Internet

DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) provides you with an internet signal over the telephone lines which run to your home. Don't have a home phone? No problem. For an additional $13.50/month, we can run a Dry Loop (a phone line used only for DSL to your home.

This Internet speed is a great option for:

  • 2-4 people surfing at the same time
  • Streaming videos
  • Downloading music, movies and more
  • Online gaming with friends

Added Benefits

  • No contracts - you'll stay with us because of our quality of service
  • No activation fees - makes switching that much easier
  • 5 Execulink email addresses included
  • SpamGuard and VirusGuard on all email addresses
  • 24/7 technical support whenever you need it

Required Hardware

A modem is required for this type of Internet and we recommend using one of our supported modems below. You may also want a modem/router which will help you connect wirelessly to other devices. Don’t worry, you can adjust your hardware during checkout.

Option 1: Comtrend 3030 Modem - $3.95/month
*automatically added with service

Comtrend 3030 modem

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Great for a single Internet connection
  • 24/7 technical support

Option 2: Comtrend VR-3060 Modem & Wi-Fi Router - $6.95/month

If you need to connect wirelessly to other devices in your home, we suggest using our supported modem/router below.


  • Connects wirelessly to your devices
  • Ideal for homes with 8 or more connected devices
  • Great for frequent online gaming
  • Ideal for people with smart home devices connected
  • Ideal for frequent use of a media centre
  • Ideal for homes with high level of interference from outside networks
  • 24/7 technical support

Pricing is valid as of today’s date and may change in accordance with market trends. Prices do not include taxes or applicable fees. Services are not available in all areas. Exact speeds not guaranteed.