Wireless Internet 5

Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet, or Fixed Wireless, provides you with an Internet signal over radio waves from a radio tower. Wireless Internet requires a site-survey done free of charge on your property with zero contracts or installation fees.

This Internet speed is great for:

  • 1-2 people surfing the Internet
  • Streaming video
  • Uploading photos and using social media
  • Light online gaming with friends

Added Benefits

  • No contracts - you'll stay with us because of our quality of service
  • No activation fees - makes switching that much easier
  • 24/7 technical support if your signal is weak
  • 5 Execulink email addresses included
  • SpamGuard and VirusGuard on all email addresses

Router & Complete Wi-Fi Options

A Wi-Fi router is required if you would like to connect wirelessly to other devices in your home. For the most robust, expandable Wi-Fi solution we recommend renting our Premium Wi-Fi Router which can reach more spots in your home and connect over 60 devices at once. For those hardest to reach spots, add on a Mesh Wi-Fi Node to create a Complete Wi-Fi solution for your home. Learn more about Complete Wi-Fi here.

Premium Wi-Fi Router - $9.95/month

  • Blanket your home in fast, reliable Wi-Fi that can connect over 60 devices at once.
  • Easily add Mesh Wi-Fi Nodes to this router at any time to eliminate dead spots.
  • This dual-band router automatically selects the best frequency to reduce connection drops.
  • The self-healing functionality will sort out noise in your home to improve performance.

Mesh Wi-Fi Node - $5.95/month (per Node)

  • For larger homes or households with many connected devices, Mesh Wi-Fi Nodes allow you to expand your coverage to ensure those hard to reach places are covered.
  • Easy setup! Simply plug into a nearby power outlet and push a button to pair a node with your router.
  • Pair your Premium Wi-Fi Router with up to 4 Mesh Wi-Fi Nodes to create a unified and consistent mesh WiFi experience.

No charge site survey required. Pricing is valid as of today’s date and may change in accordance with market trends. Prices do not include taxes or applicable fees. Services are not available in all areas; call us for more accurate information.. Exact speeds not guaranteed.