10 Reasons Your Business Deserves Execulink’s Data Centre

October 27, 2020 Category: Business Services

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Execulink offers a 2800 square foot state-of-the-art Data Centre beside our main office in Woodstock.  It stores businesses’ data in a secure and controlled location.  You could choose to use a Data Centre to house a hot site for your business website, to store database replication information, or it could act as a web server. This blog explores the 10 reasons why your business deserves the superior service provided with Execulink’s Data Centre.

1. The Infrastructure is Reliable and Accessible

Execulink’s Data Centre is built with rigid specifications to meet the demands of today’s hardware and technology.  Data Centres provide a controlled environment to protect the servers and hardware including fire suppression, redundant HVAC systems (for climate control), generators, and constant monitoring.

The Execulink Data Centre offers Redundant Primary Power (commercial power and generator back-up) providing continuous source of AC to large secondary UPS systems, offering a single or redundant A & B power feed to each collocated space, both AC and DC power choices are available.

For a company to create this sort of environment within their own buildings it can be complicated, expensive or unsustainable. These servers can take up a lot of square footage and your business may not have the space.  Through Execulink’s Data Centre, you can have access to this environment more affordably.

2. Disaster Recovery

Another alternative for many businesses is to use our Data Centre as a recovery location. In this scenario, companies will host their data in their office location and then use the Execulink Data Centre as an off-site backup location for their data in case of emergency. This is essential if your company retains confidential client data.

3. Guaranteed Uptime

Execulink’s Data Centre offers a 99.999% uptime guarantee.  This is most important when creating a disaster-recovery plan.  A guaranteed uptime is also relevant when deciding where to host your company’s website.  With current events, there is an ever-growing consumer expectation for e-commerce.  An uptime guarantee can have a direct impact on your bottom line if you sell your products through your website.  It will keep the site up and running with minimal downtime.

4. Store Mission Critical Data

Many companies decide to use a Data Centre for mission-critical data (which is data core the company’s mission and, if damaged or lost could cause significant financial or reputational damage to the organization).  This will vary from company to company and could be needed by the company’s employees frequently. Having a reliable and highly protected storage option in place makes it a prudent decision to pursue a data storage option with Execulink.

5. More Bandwidth

Data Centres are built to process data. Having this level or processing ability may not be accessible at your office location.  Data Centres handle the data through large bandwidth pipes and have redundancies in place to ensure access doesn’t deteriorate.

6. Security

Security is top-priority in the Data Centres because there are millions of dollars’ worth of hardware and data being protected within the building’s walls.  Video surveillance is provided 24/7 and swipe card access maintains security. Maintaining this level of security is also difficult for businesses to do on their own.

7. Scalability

Businesses are constantly evolving and growth sometimes means unpredictability in how much data will be generated by employees and customers.  Cloud based computing is growing in popularity which requires more Internet backbone.  When you collocate your equipment at a Data Centre then you can easily expand your hosted solution instantly.  If you were to host this internally there would be added expenses and time-consuming construction.

8. Opportunity Costs

If you were to create your own Data Centre on-site, then you would require personnel and need to pay higher electricity bills to maintain these servers. However, by hosting your data though a Data Centre you can free up the time of your IT department and save energy costs.  This saved money can be channeled for more growth in other areas of your business.

9. Smart Hands Service Operations Support

Execulink’s Data Centre offers a quarter, half or full rack of locked space.  You can easily add or subtract space for your servers.  We offer our Smart Hands Operation Support Team, even during COVID-19.  With this service comes, on-site technical assistance, visual verification for remote troubleshooting, swapping removable media, wiring services including moving, securing and terminating cables, rebooting, relaying equipment status and typing commands onto a pre-installed console, labelling equipment, sending photos, and more. We also offer this support remotely via video conferencing! If urgent access is required, you can arrange your visit by giving us a call.

10. Our Team is There for Your Business

Execulink’s head office and Data Centre is located easily from the 401 in Woodstock and central between London and Kitchener. There is free parking on-site with quiet rooms and restroom facilities available. You can create a customized solution for your business with personalized service from a unique assigned account manager.

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As more businesses discover the benefits of outsourcing to a Data Centre, let Execulink Telecom’s facilities take your business to the next level in a secure and cost-efficient manner.  Execulink has over 115 years of experience in the telecom industry.  Our superior service and support teams create unparalleled results.  To learn more visit our Data Centre webpage or connect with our Sales team at 1-866-706-1992.