5 Great Reasons to Upgrade to Residential Fibre Internet

July 28, 2022 Category: Residential Services

With a variety of Internet options to choose from, it can sometimes feel overwhelming. Your family likely has unique needs, which could mean that the Internet needs to perform optimally to support these activities. The Internet these days can help you run your business, use video conferencing to chat with family members abroad, play your favourite online games, stream new movies and binge-worthy tv shows, and so much more! It’s no wonder you want the best Internet for your household. With that said, a powerful option to consider is Fibre Internet, which is available in select areas. In the following paragraphs, we’ll share some key benefits of Fibre Internet technology!

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What is Fibre Internet?

Unlike cable Internet, which transmits data through copper cables, Fibre optic Internet utilizes Fibre cables to transmit the data and provide you with an Internet connection. The Fibre is a thin glass wire inside a protective cable, while the optic portion means that the data is transferred via light signals and an electromagnetic carrier wave.

If you’re considering how your Internet is performing and whether it’s time to upgrade, Fibre may be an excellent choice to meet your family’s Internet needs. Here are five great reasons to upgrade to residential Fibre Internet:

1. Speed

When considering your ideal Internet connection, one of the first factors you’ll want to learn more about is how fast your Internet will be. Speed matters! Compared to copper Internet connections, Fibre Internet is much faster. Especially during peak times, your household will notice that Fibre will outperform many other types of Internet. Fibre Internet has also been known to have more consistent upload and download speeds to ensure your household gets the Internet speeds they deserve.

2. Reliability

Fibre Internet is more reliable than its cable Internet counterpart – this is key if you want less downtime and interference. If there are extreme weather conditions, for instance, this can affect the copper connection, and with Canada’s climate evolving, this can be an important consideration for the future. Another factor that cable Internet is susceptible to is electromagnetic interference, which can be caused by any heavy machinery operating nearby. However, Fibre is resistant to these kinds of electromagnetic interferences.

Fibre is also resistant to any human interference. In contrast, copper wires can be cut or experience other human interference more easily. When you experience unplanned downtime, it can be frustrating for your entire household. And that’s why when you invest in Fibre, you’ll have increased peace of mind that your Internet will run optimally and without frequent interference.

3. Bandwidth Potential

If your household is involved in high data transmission activities like movie streaming, gaming or has many family members using the Internet at once; you’ll want an Internet that has the potential to support these needs. Yet, the bandwidth potential on Fibre is significantly higher than cable Internet, and as mentioned above, the speed does not decrease as demand increases.

4. Reduced Latency

Latency refers to delays experienced while data is processed over an Internet connection. With Fibre Internet, there is less latency compared with cable Internet, reducing disruptions. This is especially the case when uploading or downloading high-quality content. So, if your family loves streaming their favourite television shows or movies, or if you have a gamer in the mix, they’ll love the benefits they’ll experience with the reduced latency of Fibre Internet.

5. Security

Nowadays, cybersecurity is top of mind for many consumers. With important personal data being transmitted across connections, you’ll want to ensure you have secure Internet to protect your household. The only way to breach a Fibre Internet connection is to cut the cables, which will cause you to lose your signal; however, this is difficult considering the glass materials used. While upgrading to Fibre  may not mitigate all of the security risks, it can certainly help to increase the protection of your Internet.

Futureproof your Internet with Fibre

Once you upgrade to Fibre Internet, there’s less maintenance to consider over time. The Fibre cables will stay intact, and you may only need to upgrade network equipment every few years. Your Fibre Internet will be able to grow with you and your family’s Internet needs – you can easily upgrade your plan to enjoy speeds up to 1 Gbps! With technology evolving, Fibre can also help you stay on top of these trends because of the newness of the technology.

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