5 Ways Complete Wi-Fi Can Improve Your Home

November 12, 2021 Category: Residential Services, Technical Support

Execulink’s Complete Wi-Fi system includes a Premium Wi-Fi Router and Mesh Wi-Fi Nodes. It’s the next generation of Mesh Wi-Fi that will expand coverage in your home to create a reliable connection no matter where you go in your house. Instead of Wi-Fi signal coming from just your Router, the Mesh Wi-Fi Nodes also emit Wi-Fi.  This creates a strong network by covering more square-footage and sustaining device connections. We recommend starting with the Premium Router and adding Mesh Wi-Fi nodes if you find the signal is not reaching every area you need. Here are 5 benefits of using this technology!

1. Improve Wi-Fi Coverage

Smart Home Technology is rapidly expanding and more and more appliances and electronics require an Internet connection. The Premium Router has the capability to connect over 60 devices at one time. To help eliminate dead zones you can place Mesh Wi-Fi Nodes in strategic locations that will extend your network.

Do you have a wall in the middle of your house that makes it hard to access the Internet from the kitchen? Do you wish you could video call from your deck or the far corner of your basement? Mesh Wi-Fi Nodes can help fix these connection issues. Even just using the Premium Wi-Fi Router on its own without the Mesh Wi-Fi Nodes, provides better coverage than the average router.

2. Gain More Insight into Your Network

With Complete Wi-Fi, the Premium Wi-Fi Router and Mesh Wi-Fi nodes, we have better insight into your connection allowing us to better diagnose and solve issues. We can perform a wide range of diagnostics to make sure you are getting the best possible service.  For instance, if your Internet connection is not strong we can monitor recent and current errors based on data from the Premium Wi-Fi Router.  We will be able to identify interference on your Wi-Fi network from other devices.  As well, by renting any equipment from Execulink Telecom, you get full 24/7 support and warranty on the hardware.

If you want to look into your connection on your own, you can also download the Execulink Helps app on your Apple or Android device! This app allows you to examine your network to see if there are ways to boost your signal.

3. Improve Reliability

We all want to have the most reliable Internet for our daily activities, whether you’re video calling for work or trying to get to the next level on your video game. The Premium Router uses Beamforming technology to focus the signal directly to your devices rather than having the signal spread in all directions from the broadcast antenna. This will improve wireless bandwidth utilization and increase your network’s range.

One of the best ways to ensure a reliable connection is to use an Ethernet cord. The Premium Wi-Fi Router also has four Gigabit Ethernet ports that let you connect a variety of wired multimedia devices for rapid data sharing across your network.  You can also share large files effortlessly over the network by connecting your portable storage devices to the Premium Wi-Fi Router’s USB port.

4. Features to Enhance your Connection

The Premium Router has several features that will enhance your home network including:

MIMO (multiple input, multiple output)

This allows many devices to talk to the router at once. This decreases the time each device has to wait for a signal and dramatically speeds up your network.  This feature will keep your smart home devices happy as they all need an Internet connection to run.

Band steering

Bandsteering automatically connects to your devices to the best available Wi-Fi frequency in your home. The Premium Wi-Fi Router has Dual-Band support, which means there are two Wi-Fi radios – a 2.4 GHz band and a 5 GHz band. Band steering will automatically select which frequency is best to reduce connection drops. Some people choose to separate these two bands to have separate Wi-Fi network names for each band frequency. This would involve connecting certain devices to the 2.4 GHz band frequency and network and others to the 5 GHz band frequency and network.

Unified SSID

The Premium Router offers a unified SSID, which means that both of these bands (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) are controlled under one Wi-Fi network. This means remembering only 1 Wi-Fi Network name and password and you will still get the right frequency for your devices.

5. Fast and Easy Set Up

Getting set up with your Premium Router and Mesh Wi-Fi Nodes is easy! These devices are compatible and made to connect to each other. You simply plug the node into a nearby power outlet and push a button to pair it with your router. You can add up to 4 Mesh Wi-Fi Nodes to the Premium Wi-Fi Router. Down the road if you find you need more coverage and want an additional Node, getting it connected is a piece of cake.

Check out what our customers are saying!


“We’ve been Execulink customers for a couple years now. We recently upgraded to the premium router. What an amazing difference it has made! We have the 150mbps, and we were lucky if we got half that speed. Now with the premium router, we get pretty darn close to that regularly! This was even on a cell phone and 2 kids using their phones when I did this speed check!”

– Dave and Shannon from Owen Sound

Our Sales team will be able to help you decide what the right Complete Wi-Fi option is for you.  You can make the upgrade with your existing Execulink services or sign up as a new customer!  Check out our Complete Wi-Fi page for more information. Call us at 1-866-706-1942 or email us at sales@execulinktelecom.ca!

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