6 Benefits of Colocation for Your Business

November 25, 2021 Category: Business Services

Business data is a valuable asset that requires a secure and controlled storage location where it is not vulnerable to disruption or loss. Businesses should be taking the necessary steps to ensure their data is secure and vital server equipment is protected.

Forward-thinking organizations should have a plan in place that will address their current IT infrastructure needs and lay out a path for future growth and success. As part of this plan, they need to consider if they are going to store their growing data in their own data centre facility or colocate their data infrastructure to a data centre provider.

Understanding the value of colocation is the first step in making an informed decision. Below are 6 benefits of colocation that you should consider to help you decide if it’s the right strategy for your business.

6 Benefits of Colocation for Your Business

Cost savings

When you colocate there is no costly capital investment required and you save on fixed and variable costs that go along with the environment needed to house your equipment and host your data like security, energy usage, and IT resources. By hosting your data through a data centre you can free up the time of your IT department so they can focus on more important things and the money you save can be channeled for more growth in other areas of your business.

Business continuity

Data centres are designed to protect against disasters such as fire and flooding. They offer a controlled environment with fire suppression, redundant HVAC systems, and raised floor applications to ensure climate control.

Scaling for growth

As your company’s business data volumes grow your colocation strategy can be optimized to host and handle your equipment and technology needs. Colocation enables organizations to expand or reduce their data center footprint as needed, so you only pay for the space you need as you need it.


Data security is one of the most important objectives for organizations today. Colocation providers can offer advanced network security to prevent unauthorized access and keep the servers safe from intruders. With colocation, you typically gain the benefits of increased security with 24/7 video surveillance, swipe card access, climate, and fire detection/control, plus more. Maintaining this level of security is difficult and costly for many businesses to do on their own.

Guaranteed uptime

Data centres typically offer an uptime guarantee because downtime is not an option. A single outage can cost a company millions of dollars. With colocation, you get permanent connectivity and flexible bandwidth to ensure your business-critical applications always run uninterrupted.

More bandwidth

Data centres are built to process data. Having this level of processing ability may not be accessible at your office location. Data centres handle the data through large bandwidth pipes and have redundancies in place to ensure access doesn’t deteriorate.

Colocation can be a major undertaking for an organization, but the benefits far outweigh the effort to migrate. When you outsource your data centre to a colocation facility you can streamline your operations and focus your resources and efforts on your core business tasks. With your IT staff having more time to dedicate to core business objectives and innovation, your company will be on the path to future growth and success.

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