7 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Networking Solution

February 25, 2022 Category: Business Services

Networks are the backbone of businesses today that enable the interconnectivity and support of different types of applications, devices, and people within an organization. They are used to transmit, receive and exchange data, voice, and video traffic so employees, suppliers, and customers can share resources and communicate.

Networks can be used to link thousands of users within one organization or multi-site locations spread across the globe. There are many types of network solutions available for business, but choosing the best solution will depend on the size of your business and specific needs. Below we will walk you through some key factors you should consider before choosing a networking solution for your business.

7 Factors to consider when choosing a networking solution

1. Geographic and physical location: Are you a start-up working out of your home or in a co-working space? Do you rent out an entire floor of a building, and maybe plan to expand within the same building over time? Or, perhaps you have a multi-site business with locations in other cities, countries, or even across the globe. Your current and future infrastructure will require a different network solution designed for these physical and geographical attributes.

2. Bandwidth: How many people will be accessing your network at the same time? Work with your Internet Service provider to ensure you have the bandwidth you require to accommodate high volumes of traffic on your network.

3. Network Security: A primary concern for most companies is keeping their network secure and free from outside intrusion and data theft. The right network design can help to eliminate the risks. It’s important to look at the key features provided by your network provider to ensure you are getting the reliability and security your business needs. Execulink offers a high-quality, high-performance, and fully managed Private Network Solution that encrypts and secures your data in transit.

Encryption is the most important privacy-preserving technology available. It protects your data when it’s sitting on your computers and when it’s being delivered around the Internet. In addition to standard encryption, Private-WAN technology distributes packets across multiple Internet connections. This ensures an attacker can’t intercept, modify, or forge messages sent between your sites.

4. Redundancy: It’s important to consider redundant services in your network. Having backup devices for storing your sensitive data will help to reduce any costly downtime.

5. Scalable: It’s important to plan for growth now and in the future. You want to be prepared to accommodate new employees and business applications so that you don’t have to rebuild your entire network, which will incur added time, resources, and cost.

6. IT Maintenance: Maintaining hardware and software components is an ongoing and important task to ensure the peak performance of your network service. You will need to consider if this is something you have the resources to do in-house or decide if this is something that needs to be outsourced by your Network Solutions provider.

7. Cost: Depending on your business the cost to design a network will vary. However, regardless of your business, you need to consider the equipment and material needed, maintenance fees, and resources.

If you are starting a new business, looking to expand, or need to update your current solution, choosing the right network is vital to ensure seamless communications, secure your data and grow your business. When you work with a Network Solutions provider like Execulink, they can help you design a network that is configured to your specific business type and needs.

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