A Complete Guide to Execulink’s Fibre Installation and Construction Processes

January 21, 2022 Category: Execulink Telecom Updates, Residential Services

Fibre to the Home is the delivery of a communications signal over optical fibre, brought directly to your home or business. Fibre’s underground infrastructure allows for a more reliable and more secure Internet experience, with some of the fastest speeds in Ontario!

We’re proud to deliver Fibre to thousands of homes in communities across Southwestern Ontario. If your neighbourhood is included in one of our builds, you’re probably wondering what to expect over the next few months. We’ve got you covered! To help you prepare for the upcoming Fibre activities in your area, check out our step-by-step overview below!


Before we can begin construction in your neighbourhood, we first have to assess the area and obtain permission from the town to begin building. If your home is located in a multi-dwelling unit (apartment or condominium) or on a private road, some additional work may be required to obtain permits.

Our contractor will mark your property with coloured paint or flags to identify any underground utilities such as gas (yellow), water (blue), hydro (red), or cables (orange), so you can rest assured they are not damaged during the construction phase. A pink paint line on the road indicates the side of your house where we will be stubbing the Fibre pipe.


Our construction team, Weber Contracting, will begin building Fibre in your neighbourhood. They use horizontal directional drilling and hydro extraction, which are minimally invasive and trenchless methods used to bury the Fibre cables underground along your street. If you live on a road with no sidewalk, a non-invasive plow machine is used to install the Fibre cables underground through the ditches.

You may notice orange or grey pipes sticking out of the ground, this is temporary and once we install underground access vaults, the pipes are buried, spliced, and then redirected to each property.

Please note: If we need to build across an underground gas or hydro utility, a small hole will be cut in the ground to view our progress and ensure nothing is damaged. We are committed to patching up these holes as quickly as possible, or if necessary, temporarily covering them with plywood and a pylon for safety reasons.

Pre-wire & Site Survey:

At the pre-wire/site survey appointment, a technician will visit to determine the best location to connect the Fibre build from the road to your home. A small grey box will be mounted on the side of your house; its job is to connect the Fibre outside to your internal home wiring.

During this time, we will also identify any additional underground utilities on your property, such as sprinkler systems, electric dog fences, and wires, and mark them with coloured flags so they are not damaged during the installation process.


Once the Fibre network becomes active in your community, your home is ready to be installed! At the installation appointment, a technician will return to your home to connect the Fibre build from the road to the small grey box placed on the side of your house during the pre-wire/site survey. Then we will connect the Fibre internally at your hydro panel, utilizing your existing home wiring. This is also, where we will mount the ONT (Optical Network Terminal) and any other hardware required to service your home.

Finally, a modem/router will be installed on the main floor to ensure the best coverage throughout your home.

In some cases, we will need to run temporary Fibre line above ground from the street, directly to your home to provide you service as quickly as possible.


Your lawn is in good hands! Although our construction and installation processes may require us to dig on your property, you can rest assured that we are committed to cleaning up our mess to your satisfaction. This means refilling any outstanding holes and repairing all areas of your lawn that were disturbed, with topsoil and grass seed.

Please note: Grass seed requires optimal weather conditions and time to settle before it is fully established. Please be patient and allow Mother Nature sufficient time to work her magic before you can expect a full restoration of your property.

For questions about our Fibre process or if there is an immediate safety concern, please contact us at 1.866.765.2282 or email weconnect@execulinktelecom.ca.

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