Best, Worst, and Weirdest Grammy 2017 Moments

February 13, 2017 Category: Pop Culture

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Didn’t have a chance to watch the biggest night in music? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. From the red carpet shenanigans, to the hosting, to the performances, the 2017 Grammy Awards were nothing if not good, bad, and weird. So with that in mind, let’s break it down!

Best of the Night

Beyonce’s full performance at the #GRAMMYs 2017. You’re welcome.

— Wolé II (@Kingwole) February 13, 2017


Beyoncé. That’s pretty much all you need to say now after any event she performs at, because that single word is synonymous with a unique, near-perfect, heart-bursting performance.  This year was no exception, because despite having not one, but two babies in her belly, she gave us a golden, glittery showcase of “Love Drought” and “Sandcastles”, two of the more vulnerable songs from her hit album, Lemonade. It was the perfect follow up to a recent Instagram post where she revealed her and Jay-Z’s pregnancy.

The whole performance was goddess-inspired—a symbolic representation of divine motherhood. And like any deity, she literally defied gravity (and almost gave me a heart attack), as she tipped all the way back to a horizontal position on a wooden chair.  I can’t say enough about this performance—her vocals were spot on, her wardrobe was godly, her dancers were ethereal, and she even included her mom and daughter in the performance, noting three generations of womanly awesomeness. Her amazingness doesn’t stop there though. We’ll get back to Queen Bae before this post is out.

Katy Perry

I have to admit, I’m not the biggest fan of Kitty Kat, but last night’s performance was one of the best of the night. She didn’t knock it out of the park on the vocals, but the artistic set design and well thought-out message behind the performance was quite unique. She danced around a rotating square stage lined by a picket fence that changed from white to mirror-faced. Her dancers moved her and the set around so that it played tricks with your eyes, and the effect was mesmerizing. In the end, the set “exploded” into a million shapes, and the Declaration of Independence was cast on the leftovers of the picket fence. Pretty cool way to get your point across, Katy! Also, this song is REALLY growing on me.

Bruno Mars and the Prince Tribute

Although Bruno isn’t quite at Beyoncé’s showmanship level yet, you can be sure that when you hear he’s performing, it’s going to be incredible. His second performance of the night was a tribute to Prince, who died in April of last year. The songs delivered by Bruno Mars and The Time were a perfect representation of Prince’s funky style, funky sass, and funky… FUNK! It’s hard not to dance to this performance. I think the best and most surprising part (for me at least), was when Bruno Mars lit up that white guitar with a face-melting solo! Um, am I the only one that didn’t realize that Bruno Mars could WAIL on the electric guitar?  This guy has too much talent for one man.

Chance The Rapper on stage with Kirk Franklin and Tamela Mann at the #GRAMMYs 2017

— Wolé II (@Kingwole) February 13, 2017

Chance the Rapper

If you want to see a strong, high-energy, performance with ultra-poignant lyrics and some insane backup vocalists, look no further. Not only did Chance and gospel singer Kirk Franklin put on an incredible show, but Chance’s music will go down in history as the first streaming-only releases considered for Grammy awards. Kudos to you, Chance!

And now we come to The Worst of the Night…

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Carpool Karaoke Crashed

I get the feeling that James Corden was trying to do his own version of Ellen’s hugely popular Oscar tweet as he grabbed a bunch of celebrities and put them in a cut-out version of his Carpool Karaoke van. But the only thing people are saying about this little stunt was how awkward it was that no one knew the words to Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline! If there was a script, it went like this:

James Corden: Take it away, Faith Hill!

Faith Hill: (silence, awkward smiling)

James Corden: Alright never mind, take it away, John Legend!

John Legend: (silence, awkward smiling)

James Corden: (Internally) You guys are the worst.

Seriously, though. How does everybody not know the lyrics to this song??? I bet James Corden is asking himself the same question today.

Technical Flubs

Speaking of James Corden, his opening gag of technical flubs (his riser stopped rising mid-way, he fell down the stairs, etc.) seemed to be a premonition of an awkward night of this stuff happening for realsies.  Metallica and Lady Gaga (aka Metalligaga) had it the worst, as lead singer James Hedfield’s mic was broken, leaving him singing silently to the crowd before joining up with Gaga on her mic. Thank goodness she wasn’t using a headset or he might have been in real trouble. Then, Adele experienced difficulties in her tribute to George Michael, and eventually had to restart the song.  I’m not sure if that was a technical flub or a singer not grabbing the right first note, but either way, it led to an unprecedented restart of a performance, as well as an awkward F-bomb on live TV. Sheesh…


While we’re on Adele, I just have to express my disappointment with her performances. The tribute to George Michael was an obvious disaster, but she ended up redeeming herself to a point. That being said, it was coupled with an underwhelming performance of “Hello” to open the show, which is a song we’ve heard a million times by now. Why not spice it up a bit or show us something different? She was also fairly pitchy and after last year’s lackluster Grammy performance (where she also experienced technical difficulties), you would think she would want to truly knock it out of the park this time. All I’m saying is, maybe a bit more rehearsal was needed? She is not like other pop stars who can rely on dancing or set design to get by. She is known for her amazing voice. But if she can’t deliver on that… I know she can though, so hopefully she redeems herself in future award shows or performances.

Beyoncé NOT Winning

And ANOTHER THING! Uh oh, this rant is continuing. I really do love Adele, I swear! But I think everyone pretty much agrees that Beyoncé should have won for the album of the year with Lemonade. I think even Adele knew it, as she gushed over Queen Bae through a large portion of her acceptance speech and even brought B. to tears. She pretty much Kanye Wested herself. “Imma let you finish Adele but… !”

And Now the Weirdest Stuff of the Night…

Cee Lo Gold?

The weirdest things are always the outfits, and the person who won the Weirdest Outfit award this year was… Cee Lo Green of all people. Cee Lo, you’re doing gold wrong. You might want to hit up Beyoncé for tips on that.

Took Too Many Pills in Ibiza

Mike Posner, the singer behind “Took a Pill in Ibiza”, won the bizarre interview award as he decided not to reply to his interviewers, but rather speak through his collaborator, known as “Blackbear”. The fact that they were both sporting Jokeresque neon-green hair was the least weird thing about them. Check out the below video and try not to squirm with awkwardness too much.

Photo courtesy of: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for NARASSource:Getty Images

Twenty One in Undies

This was weird, but kind of cute (ish?) when you hear the story behind it. So Twenty One Pilots won for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance and promptly took their pants off and accepted their award in their underwear. Yes, their underwear – the reasoning behind it? They told the audience that they used to watch the Grammys in their underwear at home, and they promised each other that if they ever won, they would accept the award just the same way. I can only imagine the head shaking their parents are doing.

These weird moments might be the reason Rihanna brought a flask to the show.

There you have it folks: another year of Grammy Awards for the books. We hope you enjoyed this run-down of the best, worst and weirdest moments of the night. See you next year!

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