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August 22, 2023 Category: Business Services, Case Studies

Powering GOSS Auto Parts’ New Start-up through High-Speed Connectivity: A Case Study on GOSS Auto Parts in Collaboration with Execulink

Introductions: Who is Goss Auto Parts?

GOSS Auto Parts Ltd., is a new start-up based in Strathroy, Ontario. As an affiliate of the reputed GOSS Global from Mexico, GOSS Auto Parts is taking preliminary steps towards establishing its name in the aftermarket automotive industry in Canada. Drawing inspiration from its sibling company, GOSS Auto Parts adopts the same core values. The company’s name is inspired by the Japanese word “GO,” which means “five,” combined with the acronym “SS.” This fusion represents their core principles: Smart, Solution, Speed, Synergy, and Satisfaction. Committed to these values, GOSS Auto Parts aims to deliver innovative automotive solutions, maintain customer satisfaction, and nurture strong partnerships.


GOSS Auto Parts faced a considerable challenge as they transitioned to a newly built facility. The new build did not come with a pre-existing data solution, making the setup of a dedicated Fibre connection essential for the company’s operational needs.

Unfortunately, obtaining such a solution was not straightforward. Other service providers quoted exorbitant installation fees to establish the necessary Fibre data connection, making them impractical choices. In addition to a reasonable installation cost, the company required a solution offering symmetrical upstream and downstream speeds and a quick setup and installation process to ensure a smooth transition to the new facility.


Enter Execulink, who stood out from the rest due to its pre-existing infrastructure, which significantly reduced installation fees. It was this infrastructure and the subsequent cost-efficiency that drew GOSS Auto Parts to Execulink. Additionally, the company found Execulink’s services comparable to the quality technologies offered by major ISPs, but without the typical service delays associated with larger organizations.

Execulink’s size became its strength, providing a flexibility and nimbleness not often found in larger corporations. This flexibility allowed Execulink to better cater to GOSS Auto Parts specific needs, offering a more personalized solution that far surpassed those provided by more rigid structures of large national or multinational entities.

Execulink’s implementation process was efficient, meeting all their data connection needs to the required degree, and within the necessary time frame. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the Execulink team worked closely with GOSS Auto Parts, even installing a temporary line during the colder months to ensure immediate internet access. Once the weather permitted, the team finalized the data line and other necessities.

In response to a request from GOSS Auto Parts IT department, Execulink installed the Fibre line in the equipment room, integrating it with the backup power solution. This strategic move ensured network uptime during power outages and eliminated the need for a long internal data cable run that could potentially impact data rates negatively.


With Execulink’s dedicated Fibre solution in place, GOSS Auto Parts was able to kick start operations at their new facility without any hiccups. This high-speed and stable internet connectivity facilitated seamless operations of all connected devices and the seamless transfer of all staff and equipment from the previous facility to the new headquarters.

Moreover, Execulink’s solution has saved the company considerable expenses in installation fees, contributing positively to their financial bottom line. The smooth operation of all connected devices and the stable network has undoubtedly contributed to the facility’s overall efficiency.

The consistent and uninterrupted service provided by Execulink since implementation underscored the reliability of their solution. The lack of issues or disruptions demonstrated the robustness of their network and affirmed their commitment to quality service.

Above all, GOSS Auto Parts has been most impressed by the professionalism and accommodating nature exhibited by Execulink’s team throughout the installation process and subsequent technical support. This case study serves as a testament to the success of their collaboration and the value that Execulink brings to businesses seeking cost-effective, high-speed connectivity solutions.

“We had a very smooth experience dealing with Execulink. Their staff members are knowledgeable and will do their very best to promptly accomplish your goals regardless of what they may be!”
Curtis van KasterenGOSS Auto Parts Ltd.

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