Case Study – The Beach House

Introductions: Who is The Beach House?

Overlooking the beautiful Long Point Bay is The Beach House. A prime spot for dining with views, situated in the Heart of Port Dover. Local and visiting patrons come to enjoy the scenic views, charming atmosphere, and coastal cuisine provided by the Knechtel Family.

The Knechtel family has been supporting the town of Port Dover, its people, and visitors since opening their first hamburger stand in 1960. Since then, they have expanded their business to include four restaurants, a clothing store, a variety store, and two gift shops.

The Challenge

Internet speeds and inconsistent service was a major pain point for The Beach House owners, their suppliers, and staff. With inadequate Internet services, it had a negative impact on their day-to-day operations, including point-of-sale transactions, ordering, data input, and sales.

The need for better Internet service was only intensified as they were trying to compete in a new digital world brought on by the pandemic. They were planning to implement new business tools and amenities to improve their overall employee and customer experience and stay a step ahead in the new normal.

They wanted to update their phone system, provide guest Wi-Fi access, and better TV programming options but knew their current services were not up to par to help facilitate these changes. After looking at various options, and seeing Execulink trucks around town, ads in their local media, and speaking with Execulink techs in the restaurant, The Beach House owners reached out to Execulink.

The Solution

A business representative worked with The Beach House to understand their needs and gain knowledge of their operations. With a full suite of business services available, Execulink designed a complete business solution for The Beach House. With Internet, Wi-Fi, Phone, and TV services, The Beach House could work with one provider to address their connectivity issues and implement new services for a more efficient workflow and superior customer service.

With the recent installation of Execulink’s Fibre Internet services in Port Dover, The Beach House was set up with a Fibre Internet solution, providing 1 Gbps download and 30 Mbps upload speeds. A Hosted Phone solution was implemented to help streamline their communications and customize their call flow and to provide an even better customer experience, The Beach House implemented Link TV’s starter package and selected their own specialty “Sport” themed package.

Because of its unique and large establishment, The Beach House required a very strategic setup to ensure the Phone and TV service would get proper signal throughout the restaurant. A site survey was completed to determine the number and placement of wired access points that would provide enhanced Wi-Fi coverage throughout the restaurant.

Pandemic restrictions were in full effect throughout installation and implementation, but both Execulink and The Beach House worked together to secure the installation and implementation plans through online meetings, training seminars, 24/7 support, and detailed guidance and instructions provided by Execulink.

The expected outcomes were:

  • Update phone system
  • Provide guest Wi-Fi access
  • Provide better TV programming
  • Reliable Internet
  • Enhanced customer service

“Overall, we are confident and happy about our decision to go with Execulink. They have solved many of the problems our business was facing in this new ‘linked’ world…we felt we were falling behind our competitors, and missing out on all the things that required a business to be ‘up to speed.’ The service from the initial discussions, through the install, and the ongoing support has been outstanding.”

Peter Knechtel

Owner, The Beach House

The Results

Execulink’s Fibre network provides a robust, secure, and cost-effective high-speed connection that since implementation, has made the speed of their online interactions 100 times better, resulting in increased productivity, while also saving The Beach House money. Link TV’s streaming and programming options have improved what they are able to offer their customers, giving them another reason to continue coming back to their establishment. And with their Hosted Phone solution they were able to add multiple phone lines/extensions, advanced features based on their unique needs, and gain more control over their inbound and outbound calls.