Case Study – Tigercat​

Introductions: Who is Tigercat?

Tigercat is a Canadian corporation with deep expertise in engineering, fabrication, manufacturing, and the support of machinery suited to severe duty applications. Tigercat operates from 10 Southern Ontario locations, along with other facilities in the USA and Sweden. The manufacturing plant in Woodstock, Ontario relies on having reliable Internet services to stay connected to the company’s main data center.

The Challenge

Tigercat initially selected its vendor based on serviceability. Execulink’s service through a third party was the only option years ago; choosing another vendor would have been very costly. Eventually, Execulink was able to install its own Fibre infrastructure to the Woodstock facility. Several factors including a reasonable installation cost and a cheaper monthly rate made the switch from Execulink’s third party services to their Fibre Internet an easy decision.

The Solution

The expected outcomes of using Execulink’s Fibre Internet were related to cost savings and better customer support. The Fibre Internet solution would offer a blazing-fast connection with 100 Mbps upload and download speeds.

Switching to Fibre took 3 months, partly due to the office construction at the Tigercat facilities in Woodstock. The facility required a network connection to the main data center in Cambridge for access to the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, the drawing database, and several other key systems.

Now, Tigercat expects a quick response from Execulink to provide an estimate of downtime if and when outages occur. Having strong communication during these incidents prevents losses when the Tigercat office team is unable to work due to a lost connection. Now that Tigercat is directly using Execulink’s Fibre infrastructure there is more accountability.

The expected outcomes were:

  • Cost savings
  • Enhanced customer service

The Results

Since switching to Execulink’s Fibre services, Tigercat has not needed to call the Customer Care team. The Fibre solution allows for a fast and reliable connection to Tigercat’s network. Tigercat can count on Execulink to take responsibility and be there when needed.