How Can a Hosted Phone Solution Help Your Business?

April 1, 2022 Category: Business Services

Your business relies on solid communication between employees and customers. Whether it’s the Internet or the Phone, equipping your employees with the right technology can make a difference. The right Phone service is part of your business’ productivity, facilitating collaboration and potential profitability. That is why it is essential to carefully consider Phone service options to ensure you choose the right one for your business. As more companies use technology as a competitive advantage, they may not be thinking about Phone service. However, one should not underestimate what the right Phone service could bring to your bottom line.

What is a Hosted Phone service?

Unlike a traditional Phone service, a Hosted Phone service is generally hosted on an IP network in the cloud. It is not based on your company’s premises but instead is hosted on a server typically owned by your service provider. It uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to make calls over the Internet. You won’t be relying on hardware and fixed Phone lines running through your office building anymore to make all your important calls.

The Benefits of Hosted Phone service


As your business grows, you’ll likely want a Phone service that can quickly grow alongside it. If your list of employees is becoming longer, then having Hosted Phone service will provide your company with flexibility. You’ll be able to add Phone lines with ease and remove them – without any hassle. Unlike traditional Phone services, setting up a Hosted Phone service is fast. Whether you’re a business that experiences seasonal upswings or one which requires an increase in staffing needs, you’ll have the right technology to scale with your business.

Cost Savings

Since your Hosted Phone doesn’t require your business to invest in infrastructure, substantial cost savings can be had. Instead, you’ll simply choose a package from a provider and ensure you have high-speed Internet to support your Hosted Phone service. If it’s the right provider, they’ll offer affordable packages that suit your business needs. If you’re a startup or small business, installing on-site Phone services may be an expense you simply can’t afford. These funds might be better put towards growing your business instead. That’s why Hosted Phone service can be an attractive option to support your employees’ communication needs.


There are also potential maintenance fees and repairs if Phone lines are in your office building. Typically, you may need to hire a dedicated person to manage your traditional Phone service. The system can become quite complex depending on how many employees you have and how large your office premises are. They’ll potentially deal with many upgrades and ensure your employees can access and effectively use the service. With Hosted Phone service, maintenance and repair fees won’t be necessary. You’ll have the support of your Hosted Phone service provider every step of the way.

Reliable Calls

A Hosted Phone service will allow your employees to place high-quality calls. However, this depends on your Internet service provider. A quality provider will give you confidence that you’ll be less likely to experience technical outages and disruptions like those experienced with Phone service with copper wires with the right high-speed Internet. With crystal clear communication, your employees will be less frustrated and more ready to work towards your business mission, feeling supported with the right technology. The reliable service will also reduce the chance of needing your service provider to step in to troubleshoot.

Improved Security

You may think a Hosted Phone service may not be as secure as a traditional one, but this isn’t the case. Your Hosted Phone provider will protect your business with advanced security features. With firewalls and software upgrades, you’ll have an outsourced team working towards securing your Hosted Phone service round the clock.

Mobile Workforce

As the world embraces remote work, Hosted Phones can help ensure your employees have a Phone connection anywhere. They’ll need an Internet connection and IP address to stay productive and empowered when they work out of the office – whether at their home or travelling abroad for business. Your business can support your remote workforce with sophisticated technology. This can be a competitive advantage when trying to attract top talent since many employees want the option of fully remote or hybrid models. To meet the needs of these forward-thinking employees, give them the tech they deserve.

Business Continuity

If you own a business that typically operates in your office space, then a Hosted Phone service can offer business continuity should something happen. In the event of poor weather, employee illness, or damaged tech – you can be sure that your Hosted Phone service will be operational. You can have confidence that your business will have the right communication technology to thrive despite inconvenient circumstances.

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