How Fast Should My Business Internet Be?

June 9, 2021 Category: Business Services

In today’s ultra-connected world, everyone is searching for high performing Internet and let’s face it, the faster the better!  As more industries leverage the Internet for business operations and engage their customers online, it’s clear that if you own or operate a business, you need reliable Internet that can help you get the job done.

Understanding the type of Internet and how much speed you require are key to running your business smoothly online. Real time connectivity and collaboration are made possible when you choose an Internet package that matches the needs of your business – big or small.

At Execulink, we provide high-speed Internet service across southern Ontario. We understand how important it is to our customers to receive reliable service without interruption. We offer 24/7 customer support to help get your Internet running as fast as possible. When you’re shopping for home or business Internet service, it’s best to explore our Internet technologies to find the one best suited for you.

What is Internet Speed?

The speed of your Internet, often referred to as “bandwidth” is the amount of data that can be uploaded or downloaded in a second. The speed is measured in megabits per second (Mbps). So, in theory, the higher the megabits per second, the faster your Internet speed. Yet, it’s important to know that your Internet speed can also be influenced by other factors and it’s not as simple as referencing the Mbps for an accurate depiction of the speeds you’ll experience. The amount of bandwidth in an Internet package can be misleading since that number typically assumes there is only one device uploading or downloading files at a given time.  For instance, if your package offers 300 Mbps and there are two devices sharing the Internet connection, then the speed of each device will split in half and be about 150 Mbps.

How Much Internet Speed Does Your Business Need?

When deciding how much Internet speed your business needs, it’s helpful to understand the factors that affect your Internet performance. There are quite a few aspects that can influence the quality of your business Internet and whether or not it can effectively meet your needs. Here are some factors to consider:

Upload and Download Speeds

As previously mentioned, the speed of your Internet consists of an upload speed and a download speed. Upload speed is the speed at which your Internet connection allows you to send data from your device through the Internet. Meanwhile, download speed is the speed at which your device receives data from the Internet. In general, many households should aim for a minimum of 5 Mbps for their upload speed, and a minimum of 10 Mbps for a good download speed. These speeds will ensure a seamless Internet experience for the average Internet user.

If your business engages in high-bandwidth activities (more on that later) or operates multiple devices under the same roof, ensure that your business Internet plan offers upload and download speeds well beyond this minimum.


If your business Internet is operating in an area with high interference, it can affect the speed of your business Internet. Interference can be the result of thick walls, large appliances, furniture, etc. These obstructions can be unavoidable at times, but to help troubleshoot the issue you can relocate or upgrade your router or access point. You can also consider Wi-Fi extenders or Mesh Wi-Fi Nodes. This can improve the signal of your Wi-Fi and allow your business Internet to perform at a more optimal speed.

Number of Devices

The more devices your business has, the more powerful the Internet you’ll need. If you have a large employee base using the Internet simultaneously, then you’ll likely need to invest in an Internet plan that can support their needs. Let’s say you have 30 employees all using the Internet at the same time, splitting the speed can slow things down significantly. Ask yourself: is your plan sufficient for the number of people using the Internet? Be honest with yourself, an overstretched Internet plan could hurt your business. Remember, a better plan which allows your Internet to perform optimally can be an investment in helping your employees increase productivity and improve collaboration.

Type of Activity

Most businesses need the Internet for a variety of uses from serving customers to internal operations. Consider the types of activities your employees will be using the Internet for and the speeds that will help them achieve their daily goals. If they’re predominantly using the Internet for video conferencing, that is a high-bandwidth activity and may require a powerful Internet package. However, if they are mostly sending emails or checking orders, then you may not require a heavy-duty Internet plan since these are considered light-bandwidth activities.

What is a Good Business Internet Speed?

The truth is, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all option for business Internet speed, and the optimal business Internet package will depend on your unique needs. You may want to change your speed as your business grows, or add a cushion of speed upfront to make room for future business growth.

If you’re deciding whether or not you need business Internet or want to stick with residential Internet for your business operations, it’s important to be aware of the wide spectrum of benefits offered by most business Internet plans. Business Internet is often more reliable, has higher upload speeds, and increased access to customer service support. Speak to a representative from your ISP to help you determine best Internet options for your business needs, at the best price.

With 24/7 support and a wide range of Internet options to suit every lifestyle, at Execulink we are proud to offer the awesome services your home or business needs to stay connected to what matters the most! Call us at 1-877-561-6771 today or visit our Internet page to find the Internet package you’ve been looking for!

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