How Your Business Can Benefit From a TV Service

September 21, 2021 Category: Business Services

You might be asking yourself – How can TV possibly benefit my business?

Well, if you’re a business that serves customers, caters to crowds, or often has people waiting in lines or waiting rooms, then your business qualifies as the perfect TV provider.

TV can be a valuable amenity regardless of the industry you’re in. From hospitality to healthcare, providing TV as a service gives you the ability to create positive customer experiences, increase your customer retention, promote your brand image and boost your business sales.

TV’s are a medium meant to entertain, educate and inform and there is no better time to do this than when you have your customers attention while they’re waiting in your lobby or reception area, having a drink with friends, running on a treadmill, or relaxing in their hotel room.

To provide a bit more context around what businesses can benefit from a TV service we have compiled a list below.

Types of businesses that can benefit from providing TV as a service:

Restaurants & Bars: Let’s start with the obvious. Bars utilize TVs and premium programming like live sports to keep their customers engaged and in their establishment longer. Promotions of game day events drive customer traffic in-store and ultimately boost their business sales of food and drink items.

Coffee & Breakfast Stops: Smaller casual settings can also benefit from TVs with local programming and news packages that keep your regulars coming back as part of their daily/weekly routine. Regulars are considered vital to a successful restaurant so make them feel comfortable by choosing programming their interested in.

Retail Shops: Use TV to add to the ambiance in your store with music channels that aligns with your customer demographic and style. It’s an effective tactic to keep customers in your store longer.

Hotel & Hospitality: Here is another obvious business. It’s not often you would book a stay at a hotel that didn’t offer TV service. In-room TVs provide a way for people to unwind and relax and offering a variety of program options helps to provide that home-away-from-home experience.

Some people look at TV services as a make or break amenity when booking a hotel, so don’t miss out on new and repeat customers because you chose to offer subpar TV programming.

Exercise/Fitness Centers: For some gym-goers the ability to watch TV allows them to multi-task, keeping them up-to-date on the news, sports, or catching up on their favourite shows while they work out. For others who don’t particularly like working out, it’s a great way to get through their sets, and for some, it motivates them to push harder.

Gym facilities typically serve a lot of customers so offering a broad channel selection will ensure each customer can find a program they like. Providing the best experience will keep your members coming back and give you a competitive advantage.

Salons & Barbershops: Don’t underestimate the power of TV while people are pampering themselves. There can be a lot of awkward silence while getting your hair cut, nails done or makeup applied. Providing news and current event programming keeps your customers occupied, giving them something else to focus their attention on.

Their overall experience is improved when you remove that level of discomfort and can help to get you a positive review and recommendation, boosting your brand awareness and bringing you repeat and new business.

Office Waiting Rooms & Lobbies: TV is a great amenity in doctors’ offices, airports, financial institutions, healthcare facilities, car repair shops, and many more professional service companies where customers and clients have to wait. It creates a welcoming environment, keeps them engaged, and helps to drown out uncomfortable silence, reducing their anxiety and occupying their time.

Universities, Colleges, and Campuses: Provide students with an outlet in their dorm rooms and keep them up-to-date on news and current events in common areas. Schools are very diverse so it’s important to offer programming that caters to all students’ interests and needs.

Apartment Buildings/Condos/Senior Complexes: Provide your residents with local program options, news, and current events so they can stay connected and choose the latest and greatest themed channels to keep them entertained.

Providing options is sure to keep your tenants and residents happy with choices that align with all of their unique interests and needs.

So now you may be thinking – Great! I’ll get myself a TV and place it in my lobby.

The positioning of your TV is important but to be successful and achieve all the benefits mentioned above you have to choose the right content. You need to provide programming that is aligned with your consumer’s interests and needs.

Business solution providers like Execulink, let you choose your own programming, giving you total control since you know your customers best. With Link TV from Execulink, you have tons of HD channels to choose from, affordable package options, Cloud DVR features, Video-on-Demand, and Pay-Per-View events, that will maximize your business’ potential to attract new customers, keep customers coming back, spending more time in your establishment and ultimately boost your revenue.

Check out Execulink Link TV, choose your programming, and start reaping the benefits of TV as a service today!

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