Humans of Execulink: Jeff Soetemans

December 18, 2020 Category: Humans of Execulink

Jeff has been part of the Execulink team for 33 years! His role has changed alongside technology and his breadth of knowledge.  He started when he was in high school and now works as the Outside Operations Manager.  He represents Execulink’s values in several ways: by staying innovative, prioritizing the health and safety of the teams who report to him, and by considering the interests of all customers and stakeholders in his decision making.  We had the opportunity to learn more about Jeff’s role at Execulink and a little about what he does in his spare time too!

How would you describe what it’s like to be the Outside Operations Manager at Execulink?

Fast paced, challenging, and rewarding seeing it all come together.

How has COVID-19 changed your day-to-day or how you stay innovative for your team?

COVID definitely changed how we operate in the outside plant, implementing new ways we keep ourselves and our customers safe. The demand for an awesome Internet, TV, and Phone experience has never been more important with so many people working and learning from home, or just trying to have fun and unwind. The one thing that has remained constant is our goal to make that happen!

What is one thing you want people to know about Fibre Internet from Execulink?

It’s AWESOME! Over the years I’ve been with Execulink, we’ve done our best to stay on top of new technology to deliver the most innovative products and services.  For example, we started delivering Dial-Up in 1995 and from there we’ve expanded to stay current as technology changed.  I find it extremely rewarding to deliver the quality of service that Fibre provides to our customers.

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Jeff worked at Execulink when it was known as Hurontario Telephones Ltd. When this newspaper was published in the early 90s, he was working as a technician.

Do you have any memorable customer stories or anecdotes from your time working at Execulink?

There are several! I’ve worked with so many people on so many projects over the years as we moved through technology.  I think my most memorable stories come from interacting with colleagues. One that I’m most proud of spans more than 20 years. I was involved in the migration of a new digital telephone switch in 1993 which gave us many new calling features. That night after a successful migration we drank wine out of Nortel Network’s wine glasses. I kept a pair of those glasses the entire time, and back in 2016, we migrated to yet another new telephone switch. That equipment ran for over 20 years, so when it was time to pull the fuses and listen to it shut off, it was bitter sweet. I drank out of that glass again, and it’s the only time it was or will get used. Now they sit on display in my office at home as a reminder of the really awesome things this company has allowed me to be part of.


What do you like to do in your free time outside of work?

I’m proud to say that I’m a Captain for the Ingersoll Fire and Emergency services and 2021 marks my 20th anniversary as a Firefighter. Its very rewarding to give back to the community and help people in such a meaningful way.  I’m happy to discuss fire safety and prevention at any time!  I also enjoy spending time with my family doing outdoor activities and as I grow older the opportunity to travel more and see the country.

Rapid Fire THIS OR THAT Questions!

  • Snowmobile or Seadoo? Snowmobile!
  • Winter or Summer? I love them equally for different reasons
  • Cats or Dogs? Dogs
  • Laptop or Desktop? Laptop
  • Wi-Fi or Ethernet? Wi-Fi
  • Cellphone or Home Phone? Cellphone
  • Video Meeting or In-Person Meeting? In-Person Meeting
  • Playing Sports or Watching Sports? Playing Sports!
  • Christmas or New Years? Christmas

Jeff’s contributions to Execulink are innumerable.  We are lucky to have his years of expertise available to help make decisions about the future of our networks while ensuring our customers continue to have an awesome experience.  If you’re interested in joining the Execulink team check out our careers page, one of the open opportunities could start an awesome and rewarding career like Jeff’s for you!

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