Humans of Execulink: Meaghan McCarney

August 14, 2020 Category: Humans of Execulink

Meaghan McCarney is a shining star on our Growth Sales Team.  She has been with Execulink Telecom since June 2013 and has learned so much during that time.  Finding the perfect Internet, TV and Phone solutions for residential customers is her passion.  Through this blog, we gained insight into what her role consists of and how she finds working from home during COVID-19!

1. What does providing an awesome experience for customers mean to you?

Telephone sales and support can be challenging.  My guiding Sales philosophy is that the customers I deal with should be treated as I want to be treated. I ensure our customers feel heard and respected. When I know I have met their needs and they are satisfied with the service from Execulink Telecom, it’s rewarding and provides me a sense of accomplishment.

2. What has been your experience working from home since COVID-19 began?

I’ve been working from home since mid-March and it has definitely been an adjustment.  Finding a balance between work and home life has been challenging with a toddler and the lack of daycare services. To stay organized, I have a dedicated workspace for myself at home, and report for work during the hours I am scheduled. Technology continues to be a successful way of communicating with customers and my colleagues.  The services Execulink provides keep our customers connected for work, home and play. This is more apparent now than ever before as I adapt to remote working. I miss the feeling of being in the Woodstock office, but overall, working from home has been gratifying and productive.

3. What keeps you challenged and engaged on a daily basis through your role?

I am a sales person by nature and truly enjoy what I do.   What I love about my job is that every call presents a unique opportunity.  I am always curious about what the customer is looking for, and I thrive on finding creative ways to support their needs. I want to provide a good life for myself and my daughter, so I am driven to do my best with every call.

4. What resources do you consult to learn new things about Execulink’s services and technology?

I use Athena our internal training platform to keep up with new changes to our products and services. We have a messaging platform within the Sales department where I reach out to my colleagues when needed.

5. What are your favourite TV shows/channels?

I love documentaries and reality TV, especially true crime.  A&E and TLC are my favorite channels lately. It’s so easy to add or remove channels to your Link TV lineup using MyExeculink.  It’s great that Link TV is so customizable to my interests.

Meaghan has found her stride throughout her 7 years at Execulink Telecom. She excels by finding customized solutions for every person she speaks with over the phone.  She understands how to build strong connections with her colleagues and customers.  If you are interested in joining our Growth Sales team, check out our careers page for new opportunities.