Humans of Execulink: Our First Internet Memories

February 21, 2021 Category: Humans of Execulink

Execulink Telecom has been providing Internet services for over 25 years. So much has changed since those early days of dial-up! It’s hard to remember a time without the Internet. Now we rely on it for almost everything including research, social interaction, leisure activities, and more. To celebrate our history of Internet services, we sent out a questionnaire to a group of Execulink employees to reminisce about their first memories of the Internet and computers.

Ben – Customer Experience Coordinator

What was your first memory of the Internet?

I remember the first few forays into the greater Internet was surfing for helpful hints for some games I was playing on Nintendo.

What was your first computer?

The first computer I recall was an old IBM. This was just as Windows 3.1 was released. We got it so my mother could begin teaching continuing education courses for Windows and eventually MS Office Products. I was unknowingly used as a test subject for some lessons and that lead to my early computer use. I recall my mom calling it “Sydney”. It was also an early look into my later career in Technical Support when we had to troubleshoot this and other early computers. I seemed to have a knack for figuring them out.

Michelle – Community Sales Representative

What was your first memory of the Internet?

The first memory of the internet that comes to my mind was the robotic sound of dial up internet…connecting. As minutes passed and sometimes turned into what seemed like hours just to check something as simple as the weather on the internet. Just when you thought you were so close to be connected……THE TELEPHONE RINGS and there went that tiny bit of progress you had that you were so patiently waiting for!

What was your first computer?

Well that was quite some time ago but I believe it was probably an intel or IBM with those floppy discs!

Justin – Field Supervisor

What was your first memory of the Internet?

My first memory of the internet was back in 1996 when my elementary school got a new computer for each classroom and they each had access to the internet. I remember that there were not enough phone lines for each computer to be online at the same time and the teachers would often accuse each other of leaving the connection active while the computer was not in use. It was amazing to be able to click the Netscape Navigator icon in Windows 95 and then then enter whatever website we had heard about from other students and teachers at that time. Web chatrooms were also popular with the other students.

What was your first computer?

1998 Pentium 2- 333 MhZ processor with 32 MB of ram and a 3 gigabit hard drive. It had a 56k modem and Execulink dial up internet service.

We hope you enjoyed this walk down memory lane. Everyone’s memories are unique and we loved seeing the diversity in these answers. Internet speeds have really improved since those early days. You can find the perfect packages to suit your lifestyle for gaming, streaming, or working from home. Explore your options with Execulink today by qualifying your address or reach out to us at 1-866-706-1942.

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