Humans of Execulink: Sara Oliver

May 18, 2022 Category: Humans of Execulink

At Execulink Telecom, we celebrate when employees take on a new challenge by joining a new department or moving into a new role. Sara developed her career with Execulink by starting in Residential Sales and moving to Business Sales. She’s passionate about finding awesome solutions for her customers and living our values!

What does providing an awesome experience for customers mean to you?

To me, providing an awesome experience means paying attention to customer’s needs, providing solutions customized to those needs and ensuring they get the best customer service experience with every communication they have with us.

How would you describe yourself and your role at Execulink? What was your career path here?

I have been with Execulink for 3 years now. I have recently transitioned into an Inside Business role from Residential Sales. I am enjoying learning more about the business sales side of Execulink by creating custom solutions for each business I work with. I love making strong long-term relationships with my customers.

What’s the most unique part of working at Execulink?

The values, I have never worked in a place where the company values are such a big part of our day-to-day work.

What’s one thing you’re learning now or learned recently?

I’ve been learning about bigger more complex business solutions that allow for a completely customizable experience for our customers. I am learning more about our Hosted Phone solution, which is great for businesses of all sizes, but there are many features available for larger companies. For example, the Find Me Follow Me feature allows a subscriber to specify a list of numbers that are rung whenever their line is called, and an order for those numbers. Each number is rung in order (and several numbers can be rung simultaneously) until one of them answers the call, or the list is exhausted.

What’s your email signature preference?

Thank you, have an awesome day!

Rapid Fire ‘This or That’ Questions!

  • Introvert or extrovert? Introvert
  • Rollercoasters or spinning teacups? Spinning teacups
  • Work at home or work in office? Work at home
  • Movies or TV? Movies
  • Emojis or no emojis? Emojis 😀 ❣️ 👌
  • Hot coffee or iced coffee? Iced coffee
  • iPhone or Android? Android
  • Router only or router with mesh node? Router with mesh node
  • Using acronyms for telecom terms or writing out the full phrase? Acronyms
  • Wordle or no wordle? No wordle

Sara works hard to build relationships with our customers to ensure they are satisfied with Execulink’s services.  She is an extremely valuable part of our team!  Check out our careers page to see if there are any opportunities open on the Sales team where you could have a chance to work with Sara too!

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