Managed Wi-Fi for Business

August 6, 2021 Category: Business Services, Pop Culture

Your business likely relies on Wi-Fi for everyday activities. Whether it’s emailing, video conference meetings, or other tasks, the Internet plays a vital role in keeping your business connected to important partners and clients. Therefore, having the right connection matters. Your employees expect a fast, secure, and stable Wi-Fi connection to help them do their best work, and that should make it a top priority for your business. While you can make the investment in an on-site IT department, you can also opt to outsource to a managed Wi-Fi business.

At Execulink, we provide high-speed Internet service across southern Ontario. Whether you’re using outsourced managed IT or keeping your IT in-house, having the right Internet service provider will be a solid support to these teams, no matter what route you take.

We understand how important it is to our customers to receive reliable service without interruption. We are pleased to offer 24/7 customer support to help get your Internet running as fast as possible. When you’re shopping for business Internet service, it’s best to explore our Internet technologies to find the one best suited for you.

What is Managed Wi-Fi?

If you’ve heard about managed Wi-Fi, then it’s time to understand what all the buzz is about! Managed Wi-Fi is an outsourced service where the functions of procuring equipment, troubleshooting, maintaining and monitoring connections, and upgrading platforms, is covered by a remote team of IT experts. It’s a cloud-based technology that allows the third-party to be responsible for ensuring a smooth Wi-Fi experience across all your business needs.

In contrast, unmanaged Wi-Fi relies on businesses to set up and manage their own Wi-Fi networks. The on-site IT team remains responsible for investing in IT infrastructure and a team to oversee creating a high-quality online experience for your business.

In the short-term, unmanaged Wi-Fi may seem like a less expensive upfront cost, but in the long-run this type of Wi-Fi can be costly. Managed Wi-Fi on the other hand, often seems to be a large investment upfront, but is a cost-effective long-term investment that pays dividends in keeping your employees productive and connected.

What Kinds of Businesses Can Use Managed Wi-Fi?

Any type of business, across various industries such as retail, hotels, commercial offices, universities, and more, can leverage managed Wi-Fi. While larger businesses may see the immediate benefits of managed Wi-Fi, smaller businesses can also benefit from this service. The bottom line is if your business relies on Wi-Fi, then understanding how managed Wi-Fi can benefit your business is important in determining whether you should take the leap.

Benefits of Managed Wi-Fi

There are several benefits of managed Wi-Fi that your business can take advantage of. Here are some benefits to consider:

a) Reduce burden on internal IT

When you outsource aspects of your IT, it can reduce the burden of tasks your internal IT team has to tackle. Traditionally, entire IT departments can be tasked with ensuring your wireless connectivity is ideal for working. However, when this is managed for your business, this can help free up time for other IT projects that may be important to your business. With IT off your plate, what other priorities could you see your business taking on? The opportunities are endless!

b) Lower total cost of ownership

By investing in managed Wi-Fi, you may be able to lower your total cost of ownership for IT. To start, you won’t need to purchase certain equipment that the outsourced team will be responsible for owning. Overall, the cost of managed IT will be far less than the cost associated with managing these processes internally. You may even be able to cut-out your internal IT department almost completely, depending on your business needs.

c) Improved performance

When IT experts manage your businesses Wi-Fi, there is a higher chance of improved performance. You’ll have access to top tier cybersecurity professionals and their team can easily troubleshoot any issues to ensure your end-users always have access to high-quality Wi-Fi service. Ultimately, this will lead to increased productivity because your employees won’t experience disruptions to their online experience, which can be frustrating and impact the productivity of your business as a whole. Reliable Wi-Fi can not only increase productivity, but also help your employees continue to collaborate effectively. Collaboration is a critical component to innovation!

d) Scalability

One of the most attractive features of managed Wi-Fi is the potential for scalability. Managed Wi-Fi providers have the resources to add multiple access points for hundreds of devices to help every corner of your business have access. They’ll even use RF survey technology to map out your commercial property and design an optimal wireless Internet network.  Execulink’s Sales Engineers can help to map out the right network for your business with strategically placed access points. Check out our case study about the Lighthouse Festival Theatre for an example of this!  This can ensure all your employees and potential visiting clients will have access to Wi-Fi. As your business grows, managed Wi-Fi can grow alongside it. If you were to internally manage your Wi-Fi access, then you’d need to continuously consider how your IT infrastructure needs to grow to support future employees.

e) Monitoring & reporting

With managed Wi-Fi you’ll have access to state of the art technology for reporting and monitoring. The service will regularly monitor and report on the performance of your Wi-Fi including connectivity, network reliability, security threats, and more. This can be helpful information to optimize your connections as your business evolves – after all, what can’t be measured, can’t be improved. By continuously working to improve your baseline measurement for Wi-Fi performance and user experience, you can help your employees stay happy and productive.

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