The Impact of Poor Internet Connectivity On Your Customer and Employee Experiences.

July 28, 2021 Category: Business Services

Providing a great customer and employee experience is critical to the sustained growth of any business. Their loyalty to your business and your brand is largely influenced by their engagement, interactions, and overall experience. Today, more than ever employee and customer expectations have evolved and they require or expect intuitive, reliable, and fast services.

Customers who have a positive experience are more likely to become advocates of your brand and product or service. They will promote your business for you, in turn growing your brand awareness and ultimately boosting your revenue.

Employees who have a positive experience will likely be more engaged, which leads to a higher quality of work and productivity. Happy employees also equate to long-term employees ultimately reducing turnover and hiring costs.

Providing a great experience

To provide a great experience, you must make sure customer interactions are fast, convenient, and consistent. To create a positive working experience for employees, business owners need to provide the proper tools that allow them to complete their tasks efficiently.

To do this, your business technology plays a major role. Internet is the backbone of a company’s operations and having a fast, reliable Internet connection is required to accommodate the ever-evolving usage and service demands.

Let’s take a look at the impact a poor Internet connection can have on your employee and customer experiences.

The impact of poor Internet on employee experiences

End-user frustration: Employees need to be set up for success and businesses need to provide the tools necessary for them to perform their jobs efficiently. Studies suggest that the number one cause of employee frustration is slow Wi-Fi or Internet connection speeds.

When a company’s network slows down it impedes employees’ ability to work, which demotivates them because they feel like they are not performing their job effectively.

Decreased productivity and morale: When you have a poor Internet connection, everyday work tasks can be disrupted. It causes delays with email communications or cloud-based telephone services, software apps, conferencing, and collaboration tools. Employee video chats and conferencing can be spotty and unreliable and they are left waiting around for files to load, emails to send, and attachments to download.

A past study revealed the average employee wastes one week per year waiting on their company’s network to respond. The rippling effect of these costly delays in your company operations and workflow results in poor team collaboration, poor customer communication, employee frustration, ultimately lowering morale and diminishing productivity.

The impact of poor Internet on customer experiences

Customer service: Customers have high expectations when they interact and engage with your business. They have come to expect lightning-fast service, including fast page loads and almost immediate customer service responses. A delay in responsiveness could ultimately move your customer to a competitor resulting in a loss of potential revenue. Studies show that over 50% of users will abandon a page if it doesn’t fully load within 3 seconds, and a one-second delay in response time can result in a 7% decrease in conversions.

Customers have also come to expect free Wi-Fi at your business which is considered a standard available service today, and if the internet speeds are slow, it could be what is making your customers venture to the competitor down the street. Internet issues could mean you’re missing out on potential customers and revenue.

Let’s also not forget the impact of customer perception. When customers have a bad customer experience, be it slow response, dropped voice calls, or slow transactions they are likely not going to buy from your business again, and even worse they may tell others not to do business with you.

To sum it up

As a business owner, providing employees and customers with the best experience possible should be one of your primary objectives and to do this, your Internet connection is one thing you should choose to invest in. While it might be tempting to choose a residential or low-speed business solution you need to ensure that your Internet connection can keep up with the demands of your day-to-day business activities and fulfill the expectations of your employees and customers. Your employees and customers are your lifelines, so ensuring they have the ultimate experience will only streamline your business for success now and in the future.

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