Tips and Tricks: How to Boost Your Wi-Fi

July 26, 2017 Category: Pop Culture

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Are you ever bothered by a slow or dropping signal in certain areas of your house? Especially right when you are in the middle of an intense scene in a movie or doing important work? If that doesn’t bother you, I admire your patience! For those of you who it does bother, here are a few quick tips to help boost that signal and get you better, faster wireless without breaking the bank.

An Antenna
Make sure that your router has an antenna, and if it does, fiddle with the antenna to find the best possible placement that maximizes your signal. If your router’s antenna is internal, you are able to purchase external ones which will help send a stronger signal. When adjusting your antenna, point it towards the spot in your house where your Wi-Fi is the weakest. It will help improve the signal in that area.

Placement is key! The more walls, doors, floors, etc. the signal has to travel through the weaker it will be. The closer to the middle of your home is one of the best places for your router. Routers also work better if they are out in the open and not very close to walls (if you are able) and if they are elevated. So your best bet to get the fastest and strongest signal you can is to have your router placed towards the center of your home, not too close to a wall, and sitting on a shelf or table (for example).

What to avoid while Streaming
If you happen to have an old router and are planning on streaming TV or a movie, make the popcorn first. That’s right, always make your popcorn or heat up your snack first. Why? It just so happens that microwaves in use can interfere with your Wi-Fi signal. Baby monitors and cordless phones will also have this effect. This is also has to do with the channels that your router and other electronics are picking up.

There might be others in your neighborhood, apartment building, etc. or even other electronics in your house (for example a baby monitor) that could have their router on the same signal as yours. Remember playing with walkie talkies when you were younger? Well the way a router works is really similar; the more people on a channel the more interference there is. To counteract this, switch the channel your router is on.

Range Extender
Routers usually have a certain distance that they will send a signal to reliably. Any farther and the signal will get weak and slow. To help enhance the distance your Wi-Fi signal reaches, you are able to purchase a wireless range extender. These pick up the Wi-Fi from your existing router and re-broadcast it.

One of the biggest ways to increase your Wi-Fi signal and speed is to make sure your Wi-Fi is always private. This will prevent others from using your network and will protect you more when you are online. If you don’t have a password set on your Wi-Fi, set one now (the harder it is the better). This way other people near you can’t pick up and use your Wi-Fi.

If you have an older router it might just be time to update it. There are always changes being made to software for routers to help make them faster and perform better. In some cases it’s as easy as pressing an upgrade button; others might require you to download software to perform the update. By simply updating the firmware on your router it might boost your signal and help increase your speed as well.

We understand how frustrating it can be to have a lagging Wi-Fi signal. Hopefully these tips and tricks help to alleviate some of that frustration, and give you and your family the best possible Wi-Fi signal for your home.

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