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December 28, 2022 Category: Pop Culture, Residential Services

Many Internet service providers focus heavily on download speeds, and with good reason – many users are more interested in how quickly they can get data from the Internet than they are in how long it takes to send data. However, upload speeds are also important in deciding on your ideal Internet plan; in some cases, they may be even more important than download speeds. A slow upload speed can cause your Internet to slow down overall, so if you engage in online gaming, work from home, or have several people in your house, a faster upload speed can be a game-changer. Let’s learn more about the benefits of a faster upload speed and how it can be helpful for your Internet connection.

The Difference Between Upload and Download Speeds

Internet plans are constantly throwing around numbers for upload and download speeds that might confuse customers who are not technologically inclined. So, what’s the difference between upload and download speeds?

Upload speed refers to how quickly data travels between your computer and your network. It is used for everything from streaming video calls to sharing files to gaming. Download speed refers to how quickly your Internet connection can retrieve data from the Internet. It is used for things like watching streaming services and listening to music. Put simply; download speed refers to how quickly you receive information over the Internet, while upload speed refers to how fast you send data over the Internet.

Why Does Upload Speed Matter Anyway?

Upload speeds are essential for many different Internet uses. Recently, requests for faster upload speeds have dramatically increased as more adults are working remotely. When you work from home, upload speeds matter when you regularly make VoIP phone calls and video calls on software like Zoom or Microsoft Teams or work with cloud-based services like Dropbox or WeTransfer.

Upload speeds are also important for recreational purposes, especially gaming. If you are playing in real-time, streaming on Twitch, or trying to upload a video to YouTube, a fast upload speed will ensure that everything goes smoothly. Even entering information in a search bar, “liking” someone’s video or picture, or submitting homework online requires uploading data. Granted, some of these things require faster upload speeds than others, but they all make use of upload speeds, nonetheless.

Benefits of a Faster Upload Speed

When determining whether a faster upload speed would be beneficial, there are many different contexts to consider that will depend on what you primarily use your Internet connection for. There are several benefits to opting for a faster upload speed:

Gaming – It is generally agreed that upload speed is more important for online gamers than it is for regular Internet users who may just use their Internet connection for browsing social media or streaming. This is because when you are gaming, you are constantly sending data to the server, whether by in-game actions or messages to other players during a multiplayer game. A fast upload speed ensures that all data is sent quickly and seamlessly.

Large families – When you have several people all sharing one Internet connection, a faster upload speed can make a huge difference in how quickly your Wi-Fi connection operates. You may find that the speed is fine during the day, but as soon as the kids get home, it becomes sluggish due to the number of people on the Internet. A faster connection is even more critical if you are working at home while others use the same connection. A faster upload speed will ensure that everyone in the house can still do whatever they need to do on the Internet.

Remote work – For adults who work from home, a good upload speed is crucial for attending video conferences and uploading files. Many factors will play into precisely how much you need, such as the applications you use for work, the number of large files and media you handle, and, most importantly, the number of other people using your Internet connection.

Live streaming – Whether you are a social media influencer or post YouTube videos regularly with gaming or other subject matter, a high upload speed is essential for getting your material up on the Internet. A fast upload speed will ensure that your material makes it onto your social media in no time. With a slow upload speed, your videos and pictures will take a long time to post and may get interrupted by other people using your network or if you go out of range.

Improve Your Internet Experience with Ultra-Fast Upload Speeds

Determining how fast an upload speed you need will depend on how you use your Internet. A lower upload speed will suit your purposes if you only require it for basic web browsing and email. However, if you use more data-hungry services, you will need an upload speed to keep up. You will also want to increase your upload speed if several people are in your house since they all share the same Internet connection.

A good standard for upload speed is generally 25 Mbps, but if you frequently send data, consider a Fibre-optic connection to increase your speed even more. Execulink offers Fibre Internet packages starting at just $60 a month for 30 Mbps upload speeds, all with our signature unlimited usage. The plans only go up from there – our next plan offers 50 Mbps upload speeds, while our highest speed offers 1 Gbps.

Fibre Internet is an excellent choice for individuals and families looking for a reliable Internet connection. Fibre optic technology has been used for years in large businesses, giving it a proven track record as a powerful, reliable Internet option. Most importantly, it supplies high-speed Internet with fast upload speeds for a reasonable price.

If you want to upgrade your Internet plan for faster upload speeds, get in touch with Execulink today!

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