When to Invest in a Private Wide Area Network (PWAN)

January 17, 2022 Category: Business Services

As businesses grow they often expand with new locations in different cities, states, countries or even continents. A growing business is a great achievement but as it grows you need more bandwidth to handle more data quickly and securely across greater distances. With offices and branches separated geographically you need the ability to communicate, share resources and interconnect with your customers, partners, buyers and suppliers. To do this seamlessly organizations rely on a secure and reliable network for the exchange of their sensitive data and delivery of services and applications between sites.

Business Networks

Networks are the backbone of businesses today that enable the interconnectivity and support of different types of applications, devices, and people within a single-site organization situated in one place or multi-site locations spread across the globe. What type of network your business needs will depend on the size of your organization and requirements. Multi-site locations that are geographically spread apart require a Wide Area Network or WAN to stay connected. Let’s take a deeper look into a WAN.

Wide Area Network (WAN)

A Wide Area Network connects Local Area Networks (LAN) and other types of networks together across a larger geographic area. A WAN allows organizations with offices in distant locations to transmit data between networks. It’s designed to interconnect, communicate and share resources from site-to-site, centralizing your company’s IT infrastructure. This allows your employees to access data and connect devices as if they were all in the same place.

Public and Private-WAN

There are two options when choosing a WAN for your multi-site business – Public and Private-WAN. A WAN commonly utilizes the Internet, which is a public network to form a connection. While this is a viable option, public networks are more vulnerable to cyber-attacks, delays, and disconnections due to sharing with the wider population. If you are a multi-site organization that hosts and shares business-critical data connecting through a public network may not be ideal. In this case, a Private Wide Area Network (PWAN) may be the right choice.

What is Private Wide Area Network (PWAN)?

Private-WAN is a Wide Area Network that uses a dedicated connection that prioritizes private Internet traffic and data between multiple locations with a secure path for the exchange of information, delivery of services and applications without risking security and reliability.

If your organization operates or plans to operate a multi-site business in geographically dispersed locations, and you need to secure your business data, PWAN was specifically designed to deliver privacy, centralized networks and boost business productivity.

When investing in a Private-WAN, it’s important to look at the key features provided by your network provider to ensure you are getting the reliability and security your business needs. Execulink’s Private-WAN is a high-quality, high performance and fully managed private network solution. Businesses can quickly expand and connect new and existing networks from their head office, branch sites, and data centers into a single, secure solution. As their organization expands and migrates to cloud and managed services they get the uptime, reliability, and flexibility they need regardless of their site locations. Check out the features and benefits of Execulink’s Private-WAN solution below.

Features and Benefits of a Private Wide Area Network


Secure your data in transit

Organizations are challenged with putting safeguards in place to protect their valuable digital information. However, the reliance on internet and networks in today’s business environment means an ever-increasing risk of network intrusion and data loss. As data zaps around the globe in milliseconds, do you really know if your data is secure? PWAN encrypts and secures your data in transit.

Private-WAN: encryption protects your data

Encryption is the most important privacy preserving technology available. It protects your data when it’s sitting on your computers and when it’s being delivered around the internet. Implementing encryption is essential and Execulink offers DTLS in two cipher strengths – AES128, and AES256 to guard the packets that pass over your various network connections.

In addition to standard encryption, Private-WAN technology distributes packets across multiple Internet connections. The data packets from the LAN are distributed across all available circuits. Even if an attacker manages to intercept the packets on one of your individual Internet connections, only a small fragment of the entire traffic stream can be captured. The packets are re-combined in the Private-WAN head-end and the combined traffic is authenticated by the receiving server with a hash-based message authentication code (HMAC, from RFC2104). This ensures an attacker can’t intercept, modify, or forge messages sent between your sites.

­­­­Cost Control

PWAN reduces costs using commercial broadband connections. Execulink Private-WAN combines any existing carrier circuits into a single over-the-top virtual network that delivers faster download and upload speeds at a cost-effective price. Eliminate un-used “backup circuits” and use all-the-circuits-all-the-time for better ROI. Link aggregation from Private-WAN increases speeds, and delivers built-in failover and redundancy.

Reliability & Failover

Keep productivity flowing with no downtime?

When your network or internet connections degrade or fail and voice and video calls drop, your employees become frustrated, and your customer experience suffers. Businesses need internet and data networks that respond gracefully to inevitable connectivity issues.

Reliability with failover

Combine multiple internet connections (regardless of provider or type) to create reliable network connectivity. If one connection degrades or goes offline, your data will continue to flow to its destination uninterrupted. When the problem connection is fixed, the system automatically adds it back. No re-configurations or specialists are required. It’s that simple.

Take your internet to the next level

With robust reliability, businesses can provide customers and staff with near 100% uptime, regardless of branch or office location. Execulink gives you the confidence to run your business without the risk of downtime. This always-on feature lets you create the network that’s right for your business and save you time and money in the process.


The ability to easily add users and nodes regardless of geography is a must to future-proof your WAN and meet ever-increasing expectations. PWAN makes corporate applications, like data backup, available at all branches.

Monitoring and Management

See the Big Picture

Private-WAN gives you the ability to monitor and manage the networks that customers use to connect to your managed services. Proactively monitor network statistics and respond in real-time to keep your customers happy. Identify and resolve network issues that impact end-user experience and satisfaction. Reduce trouble-tickets and time to resolution.

If your business is growing and you have expanded or plan to expand your branches across multiple locations it might be time for you to invest in a WAN. If your sites need to be able to share sensitive data without storing it over the internet and still operate efficiently without delay and disruption, a Private-WAN is an effective and fool-proof technology.

Execulink’s Networking Solutions and full suite of business services will help you drive productivity, increase efficiency and keep your employees and co-workers connected no matter where they are. Call us at 1-877-561-6771 today or visit our Networking Solutions page to find the right networking solution for your business.

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