Why Fibre Internet is Awesome for Gaming

May 8, 2020 Category: Pop Culture

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Whether you are a professional competitor or just play for fun, a strong Internet connection is vital to support your gaming endeavors.  Your network’s reaction time can be the difference between life or death for your avatar. If Fibre Internet is available where you live and you’re an active gamer, then it is the right Internet choice for your home!  Execulink Telecom’s Fibre to the Home service is spearheading the next generation of Phone, Internet and TV services and you deserve to enjoy the benefits that come along with Fibre technology.

Faster Downloads

These days, buying new games is done easily by downloading them online.  According to Statista, in 2018, 83% of new video game sales were made digitally rather than physically. Every year this statistic is rapidly growing.   Gamers prefer instant access to the latest releases rather than waiting until they can get their hands on a physical copy.  If you decide to go with a Fibre Internet plan with 1 Gbps download speed, you could have a new game in just 7 minutes.  If you were on a 10 Mbps connection the same download would take over 12 hours.  The benefit of a faster speed is obvious.

Fibre to the Home means the Internet connection is delivered directly to you, 24/7.  Whereas, since Cable services are shared within local areas, your Internet speeds can be impacted by your neighbour’s usage.  If you are using DSL services, Internet slowdowns can happen if you live far away from one of your ISP’s access points.

Reliable Connection

The weather in Canada is unpredictable to say the least.  A key benefit of Fibre is the cables run underground, so they are not impacted by rain, snow or high winds.  As well, Fibre cables are made of glass which are not affected by lightning.  This makes for a more stable connection that is vital for your gaming experience.  Fewer interruptions means you can stay on track to beat the next level, the next end boss, or your savvy opponents.

Upload Speeds

When playing online games your device is in constant communication with the game’s server.  The requirement for this communication is the upload speed. Having a higher upload speed will improve this communication.  Our 1 Gbps plan currently offers 30 Mbps upload speeds which will give you rapid constant contact with the server and keep your game running smoothly.

Lower Latency or Ping

Latency is the time it takes for data packets to reach your device from a server.  Ping is the time it takes a data packet to leave your device, reach a server and return.  For gamers, latency or ping has a big impact on your game performance.  It could be the delay between your action in the game and its display on the screen.  High ping makes multi-player games more difficult if you do not coincide with the other players.  Their moves might register first, putting you a step behind your competitors.

When it comes to latency with Fibre, since it is made of glass cables the speed of data transfer is faster but there are points in the transfer that do cause some form of latency.  This includes when the signal is converted from optical (light transferred through the glass cables) to electrical (what is interpreted by your modem/router).  Fibre cable offers lower latency for the whole network and can be the optimal choice to reduce this delay.  Having Fibre to the Home reduces lag because it provides you with a direct connection to Execulink’s Fibre infrastructure, rather than passing through intermediary connection points where delays could take place. Latency is difficult to measure across an entire network and can vary from area-to-area.  Transmission interference is more common with services that use coaxial cable, copper and wireless technology.

Wired Versus Wireless Connection

Using a wired connection is a relevant for any connection type, not just Fibre.  Our installers can set up your home gaming station using a wired connection rather than using Wi-Fi.  Having a direct ethernet connection to your router will reduce interference and improve your connection speed.  Wireless connections may be more convenient if you use a laptop but the other devices in your home will cause interference.  As well, the distance you sit from your router can impact the speeds you receive.

Fibre is a Convenient Choice

If Fibre to the Home is available in your area, making the switch will simplify your set up.  Our Fibre services will improve your gaming connection and our bundling options make adding TV or Phone services extremely easy.  Getting all three services from Execulink means having just one bill and getting the same awesome 24/7 local customer support.

Click here to learn more about Execulink’s Fibre services

Fibre Internet is the best choice for your home if you’re an avid gamer.  The blazing-fast speeds, reliable connection and unbeatable customer service make it easy to switch.   Consumer demand for fast Internet and Fibre’s ability to provide virtually unlimited bandwidth across large distances makes Fibre the future of Internet services.  Learn more today by visiting our Fibre page or reach out to our Sales team at 1-866-706-1992.