Business Services for the Remote Workplace

The world is changing and more businesses are adapting for a hybrid workplace. Now more than ever, people require the necessary tools to work from anywhere as some work from the office, and others work remotely from home or in the field. At Execulink, we have the Business Phone solutions that will enable your teams to function and thrive in a remote workspace.



Remote Workspace Solution 1: Direct Routing for MS Teams

Are you currently a ‘Microsoft Teams’ business or considering Microsoft 365? Integrate Execulink’s Direct Routing into Microsoft Teams and turn your Teams environment into a business phone system with enterprise-grade voice capabilities. Make and receive calls from your Teams app, on any device, from anywhere.

How Does Direct Routing Work?

Direct Routing works by enabling voice connectivity between your customers and employees through Execulinks ISP-grade access to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) with the help of a secure, hosted Session Border Controller (SBC).

Certified SBCs are a firewall for VoIP and provide a layer of security and protection from attacks, breaches, and Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS), while providing Quality of Service (QoS) between multiple networks

Unlike other providers, Execulink leverages a geographically redundant SBC network hosted on Canadian soil to connect to a Microsoft Teams PBX.

Remote Workspace Solution 2: Hosted Phone

Execulink’s Hosted Phone solution can keep your remote workers connected and operating like one cohesive unit, no matter how far apart they may really be!

Best Hosted Phone Features for Remote Work

Hosted Phone includes a wide variety of great features including Auto-Attendants, Call Queues, Line Hunting, Call Blocking and many others. Here are a few of our most popular features:

Flexible Extension

Flexible Extension offers a high-quality, unified communications and collaboration experience for mobile and office workers, so you can take your business with you wherever you go.


Soft Phone Capabilities

Why bother with hardware when you can have software that gets the job done just as well? Our Hosted Phone service comes with an easy-to-use Soft Phone program that your Execulink representative can walk through with you.


The Premium Attendant

The Premium Attendant is an auto-attendant which can have several menus each with their own greetings and options, creating a professional appearance for your business. This option allows for multi-department forwarding, proper handling of high-call volumes, and creating an off-hours response.


Multi-Line Hunt Group

Multi-Line Hunt Group is a feature that allows customers to call multiple lines at once or in a certain order. It is popular for businesses with multiple receptionists, small businesses with large workspaces, and live answer teams.

Hosted Phone Packages & Pricing

Our knowledgeable sales representatives will work with you to determine the telephony needs of your business so you can rest assured you are paying for only what you need and leave the rest.

The Flexible Workspace solution is great for the business that operates on the go and can be implemented in as little as 24-48 hours. The user can create a professional attendant, hold music and multiple call groups to emulate an entire team.

The Essential Workspace solution is great for businesses with 4-20 users who require a physical phone in their office and require a streamlined voice solution for continuous growth.

Essential Workspace
Unlimited Usage

$55Month Per User + $500 Setup fee

  • MyExeculink Web Portal
  • Multi-Line Hunt Group
  • Premium Attendant
  • Music On Hold
  • Call Park
  • Voicemail
  • Conference Bridge
  • Voicemail-to-Email
  • Phone paging

Execulink Dedicated Internet access required & based on availability.

Conference Bridge Packages (Most Popular Options)

500 Mins Package

70 cents/min

  • 500 Pre-Paid Minutes
  • Only 35 cents/min to use Toll-Free Number, or 40 cents/min for Incoming Local Calls
  • Moderator options including on hold, greetings, and recording functionality.

Unlimited 10


  • Unlimited Calls using Local Access Number
  • Only 35 cents/min to use Toll-Free Number
  • Moderator options including on hold, greetings, and recording functionality.

Unlimited 20


  • Unlimited Calls using Local Access Number
  • Only 35 cents/min to use Toll-Free Number
  • Moderator options including on hold, greetings, and recording functionality.

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