Execulink’s Gifts of Christmas 2020

Our Annual Holiday Donation is Here!

Execulink Telecom is excited to kick off our third annual Gifts of Christmas Holiday Donation program! The program is aimed at spreading festive cheer and giving back to our incredibly supportive communities with a monetary donation to local organizations, groups and charities.

Giftee 1: Thedford Legacy Hockey

On the first day of giving, we’re donating to…Legacy Hockey in Thedford! This non-profit youth hockey program provides weekly hockey instruction and equipment, hosts potlucks and events for the Legacy families, and even conducts a medal ceremony for its players.

Thanks for keeping the good ol’ Canadian tradition of hockey alive and well in Thedford, Legacy Hockey!

Giftee 2:Norfolk Musical Arts Festival

On the second day of giving, we’re donating to…the Norfolk Musical Arts Festival! A long-standing tradition for Norfolk, the Festival offers competitive and non-competitive classes in bands, choral, English and French speech arts, guitar, instruments, piano strings, vocal classical, and vocal contemporary.

We love the arts and are proud to be supporting the Norfolk Musical Arts Festival this holiday season!

Giftee 3: Delhi Community Health Centre

On the third day of giving, we’re donating to…the Delhi Community Health Centre! The Health Centre acts as a local resource to access primary medical care and allied health service providers for the folks of Delhi and surrounding areas in Norfolk County.

Thank you for keeping Delhi safe and healthy!

Giftee 4: Woodstock Agricultural Society & Fairgrounds

On the fourth day of giving, we’re donating to…the Woodstock Agricultural Society & Fairgrounds! This non-profit organization helps bring the community together every weekend by hosting the local farmers’ market and other events throughout the year.

We’re grateful to the Woodstock Agricultural Society & Fairgrounds for keeping the Woodstock community connected!

Giftee 5: Local Seniors!

On the fifth day of giving, we’re donating to…our seniors! This year has looked a bit different for visits, events, and staying connected with friends and family, so we’re giving back to Country Manor Estates Retirement Home in Thedford, Forest View Villa Apartments in Forest, Orchard View Apartments in Arkona, and Chateau Village Community Apartments in Parkhill!

Merry Christmas to all the wonderful seniors’ communities across Ontario from Execulink!

Giftee 6: Delhi Public School

On the sixth day of giving, we’re donating to…the Port Dover Foundation! All donations received by the Foundation are invested and awarded to projects that enhance Port Dover by promoting and supporting positive growth and development within the community. This initiative contributes time, leadership, and financial aid to the community it serves, working to make Port Dover even better for its residents.

We love seeing all the great projects and donations that happen because of the Port Dover Foundation!

Giftee 7: City Of Tillsonburg Parks & Recreation

On the seventh day of giving, we’re donating to…the City of Tillsonburg’s Generational Swing project! These swings, added to playgrounds in Tillsonburg, allow for face-to-face swinging, making the experience more connected for kids and their families. You can read more about it here.

Human connection is more important now than ever and we’re so pleased to contribute to this wonderful initiative in the City of Tillsonburg!

Giftee 8: Kettle & Stony Point Daycare

On the eighth day of giving, we’re donating to…Kettle & Stony Point First Nation Head Start Daycare! This organization preserves the Anishinabek culture and language by promoting lifelong learning and acknowledging what each and every individual has to offer. Committed to moving forward in reclaiming of the Ojibway language and providing optimal growth in all areas of the developmental stages, the Daycare enables children to become empowered socially, emotionally, and physically and mentally prepares them for the next stages of their lives.

We hope that this holiday donation helps the Kettle & Stony Point First Nation Head Start Daycare achieve its goals and are thrilled to be supporting such a worthy cause!

Giftee 9: Big Brothers & Big Sisters!

On the ninth day of giving, we’re donating to…Big Brothers & Big Sisters! This organization creates individual and group mentoring relationships amongst adults and youth. According to BBBSGE, mentoring is an important way to give youth experience with these essential back-and-forth relationships, developing them into healthy young people better able to deal with and overcome life’s adversities.

Thank you to Big Brothers & Big Sisters for making such a lasting impact on so many youth in our communities!

Giftee 10: GoCodeGirl

On the tenth day of giving, we’re donating to…Ontario Women in Engineering’s GoCODEGirl program! GoCODEGirl provides an exciting opportunity for girls, including all who identify as female, in grades 7 to 11 across Ontario to learn about the exciting world of coding and software development and discover opportunities in computing and engineering fields.

We’re passionate about seeing Ontario’s girls excel in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) and are grateful that there are incredible programs like GoCODEGirl that help make that possible!

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