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How do I enable and edit channel blocking?

Channel Blocking enables or disables the list of channels you have blocked. Programs on blocked channels cannot be watched regardless of the rating of the program(s) being shown.

Enable & Edit Channel Blocking:

  1. On the Menu, navigate down to settings, arrow over to Preferences and press OK. Enter your pin (defaults to 0000 unless otherwise changed in User settings) and press OK.
  2. Highlight the check box next to Channel Blocking, press OK.
  3. Arrow Right to highlight Edit and press OK.
  4. A list of channels included in your package will appear on the screen. Arrow Up/Down through the list and press OK on each channel that you want to block. A lock icon will appear to the right.
  5. Once you have finished your selections, arrow Right and then Left to highlight Update, and press OK.
  6. Arrow Down and highlight Submit, press OK.