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Service and Hardware FAQ

What is the coverage area for my mobile service?

Execulink Mobility has broad home territory coverage and extensive roaming capabilities across Canada and the United States. Please call us to verify what special roaming or long distance charges will apply when you travel to certain destinations.

What Mobility numbers are available?

If you are looking for a new phone number with Execulink, please refer to the chart below.

City NPA NXX Number Range
Guelph 226 326 7000-7999
Brantford 226 381 7000-7999
Sarnia 226 472 7000-7999
Hamilton 289 492 7000-7999
London 519 518 7000-7999
Woodstock 519 602 7000-7999
Kitchener-Waterloo 519 603 7000-7999
Delhi 226 549 7000-7999

Your carrier allows service transfers to ExeculinkYou can bring your existing phone number to Execulink Mobility under the following circumstances:

  1. The phone number is within Execulink’s service territories
  2. You live or have seasonal residence in an Execulink service territory

What would stop me from moving my current number to Execulink?

You will need to select a new phone number if any of these apply:

  1. You have already cancelled your old mobility service
  2. Your area code is outside Execulink’s service territories
  3. You have service with certain small, independent mobile phone carriers

How do I adjust my plan?

Call 1-877-393-2854 (877-Execulink) or visit one of our offices.

How can I view my current usage?

You can view your usage online by logging into MyExeculink.