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Forgot Voicemail PIN

Access your voicemail by entering * from your home phone. If it prompts for a PIN, try the default PIN of 0000. You can then reset it:

1. Press 4 to access the mailbox settings menu.

2. Press 3 to access the security options menu.

3. Press 1 to change the PIN.

4. Enter the new PIN followed by the # key.

Security Voicemail PIN Rules

  • PIN may be between 4-20 digits long
  • PIN digits may not be sequential ascending (eg. 1234, 5678)
  • PIN digits may not be sequential descending (eg. 4321, 9876)
  • Digits may not be repeated 4 or more times (eg. 5555)
  • Digits must not be contained in the phone number, or must not contain the phone number (eg. 5194561098 may not use 1098 or 5194) This applies across any number associated with the mailbox (ie. shared mailboxes).

5. Verify the new PIN followed by the # key.

If you are prompted for a password when accessing your mailbox from home, and you still cannot remember your password, contact technical support for further assistance.