What is Fibre Internet?

January 29, 2021 Category: Business Services, Residential Services

Whether it’s business or pleasure, having the right type of Internet makes a huge difference in your life online. When you’re exploring your options, it often requires learning about the technology available.

In your process of weighing the pros and cons of Fibre Internet, it’s important to consider the availability of the service, alongside your needs and budget. In this blog we’ll be exploring how Fibre Internet works, the benefits of this technology, and the equipment you’ll need to operate it.

At Execulink, we provide high-speed Internet service across South Western Ontario.  We understand how important it is to our customers to receive reliable service without interruption; that’s why we’re working to expand our Fibre Internet availability.

How does Fibre Internet work?

Fibre Internet typically uses a clear glass core (Fibre) wrapped in a plastic cladding to support the transmission of light instead of traditional electrical signals.  This is what separates Fibre from copper wire and Wireless services.

Fibre Internet can carry large amounts of data over its cables, moving at speeds approaching the speed of light. Currently it is considered the most advanced way of transmitting data.

Fibre surpasses both Cable and DSL Internet options in terms of response and speed. Since DSL and Cable signals are electronic, this can cause latency. Fibre Internet uses light waves as a signal, meaning the latency experienced with DSL and Cable is avoided.  Most Fibre plans these days offer speeds up to 1 Gbps (1,000 Mbps) which means it can easily support multiple devices using Wi-Fi in your home.

Benefits of Fibre Internet:


Fibre technology is viewed as a more reliable Internet connection compared to DSL and Cable.  Most other types of Internet can be affected by various interferences and as a result, can fall short of advertised speeds. Meanwhile, Fibre is not affected by extreme weather conditions like lightning, snow storms, and Internet traffic.

Fast speeds

Fibre Internet is considered the fastest Internet option and has a proven track record, having been used by large businesses and corporations to deliver voice and data services. You can upload and download files, fast. Even if the address of your home isn’t physically close to the Internet source, Fibre isn’t affected by distance in the same way Cable and DSL are. It can manage a significantly higher data rate (bandwidth) over greater distances.

Support multiple devices

It’s also ideal for households with multiple devices under one roof. If your family uses the Internet often and engages in high-bandwidth Internet activities such as online gaming or movie streaming on Crave, Netflix, Amazon Prime, or YouTube, then Fibre fits the bill. It offers high-quality streaming and smooth web browsing, which means no matter how many people are using the connection, the overall performance is superior.

Consider how often your household enjoys watching their favourite shows and movies online. With 4K ultra-HD becoming more common, Fibre Internet can support these crystal-clear viewing experiences. You can expect the same consistency when video calling with friends and loved ones.

What is the difference between Cable Internet and Fibre Internet?

The main difference between Cable Internet and Fibre Internet is that Cable Internet signals are sent over a coaxial TV wire.  DSL lines were originally created to support voice services. Coaxial lines were originally created to support TV services. Service providers shaped and enhanced this cabling to support all services, voice internet and TV. Meanwhile Fibre internet has the upper hand since it was designed with many paths to newer technology. It was created with futureproofing in mind!

What’s the difference between ‘Fibre to the Home’ and ‘Fibre to the Node’?

Execulink offers Fibre to the Home (FTTH) and Hybrid Fibre or Fibre to the Node (FTTN) services.  Availability of these services depends on the area where you live.  If you have FTTH, this means that the optical fibre lines are laid directly to your house. Hybrid Fibre or FTTN service involves the optical fibre lines running to the node near your house.  These networks use coaxial cables to transmit data directly to your home.

What do I need for Fibre Internet?

To get the most out of what Fibre Internet has to offer, you’ll need the following equipment for installation:

Optical Network Terminal (ONT) – Traditional DSL and Cable modems are not compatible with fibre optic technology since they cannot translate light signals into digital ones. With Execulink’s Fibre internet, you won’t need to rent a modem which will save you in rental fees. Instead of a modem, the Fibre installation comes with an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) device.

Fibre optic cables – You will need fibre optic cables run to the ONT device installed in your home.

Router – A wireless router will also be necessary to support all the Wi-Fi enabled devices in your home taking advantage of the fibre optic signals. With these faster speeds, routers need to be capable of handling them.  At Execulink, we currently offer two router options in Fibre areas: the Comtrend WR-6895 or the Premium Wi-Fi Router, which is a popular part of our Complete Wi-Fi solution.

Who should get Fibre Internet?

Almost everybody can benefit from getting Fibre Internet!

It should be noted that, depending on where you live, there may be limited availability.  Some communities and rural areas in Ontario do not have access to Fibre but some ISPs, like Execulink, are bringing it to smaller towns across South Western Ontario.  Execulink is committed to supporting the community and delivering awesome Fibre Internet to rural communities. We also pride ourselves in hiring and investing in local employees to deliver that awesome service.

Execulink’s Fibre Internet is available in Turkey Point!

Businesses can experience major benefits from using Fibre Internet. The reliability, low latency, and high upstream bandwidth help with large data back-ups. Execulink also offers a TLS (Transparent Local Area Network Service) to give you the ability to connect your remote offices to your head office. Check out this case study about Tigercat, a global business with a facility in Woodstock, Ontario that has benefitted from having a Fibre Internet connection

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