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Poly VVX250 Phone Tutorial – Making and Receiving Calls

Follow this video tutorial to learn how to make and receive calls on your Poly VVX250 Phone from Execulink Telecom.

There are a couple different ways to make a call: you can dial a person’s extension within your business, or dial an outbound phone number.

To make a call, simply pick up the handset and dial the number on the keypad. The digits will be displayed on the screen. You can also place a call by pressing the headset button, or the speakerphone button.

When you’re finished with the call, either hang up the handset or select the END CALL function key on the phone.

To answer an incoming call, you can simply lift the handset. To answer via speakerphone, press the ANSWER function key or the Speakerphone button. If you are using a headset, you can also answer the call by pressing the headset button.