Transforming Business Operations with Execulink’s Complete Connectivity Solutions: Real Stories of How Execulink Enabled Local Businesses to Succeed

April 6, 2023 Category: Business Services

In today’s digital age, reliable and fast connectivity is crucial for business success. It enables companies to improve their operations, enhance productivity, and stay ahead of the competition. That’s where Execulink’s complete connectivity solutions come in. Our comprehensive solutions are tailored to the unique needs of each business we work with, helping them overcome technology barriers and succeed. In this blog post, we’ll share some real stories of how our solutions transformed the operations of local businesses.

Providing Reliable Internet Connectivity for Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show

Execulink’s customized Wi-Fi infrastructure and technologies were the solutions to Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show’s challenge of providing a robust Internet and Wi-Fi solution that could accommodate more than 750 exhibitors and 40,000 attendees. The farm show required reliable Wi-Fi access for showcasing innovative technologies, conducting e-commerce transactions, and capturing attendee data. Prior to the 2022 event, access was only required for exhibitors, but this year, the Farm Show also needed to accommodate e-ticketing services and point-of-sale transactions at the entrance gates. Execulink analyzed the Farm Show’s existing infrastructure and developed a strategic approach to increase Wi-Fi access points and deploy a range of wireless technologies. The Execulink network provided fast and reliable Wi-Fi coverage to support the event network activities, which ranged from POS transactions, e-ticketing services, 4K streaming services, video conferencing, and event data capture. Exhibitor subscribers received high-speed Wi-Fi and were happy with the onsite team commitment and the quality of service provided before and during the show. The solution is scalable, allowing it to be implemented in future shows. With a proven connectivity solution and dedicated partner, Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show organizers can spend less time focusing on Internet connectivity and more time on their farm show operations.

Boosting Workflow and Customer Service for The Beach House

The Beach House, a prime dining spot overlooking Long Point Bay in Port Dover, faced major connectivity issues that impacted their day-to-day operations, point-of-sale transactions, and overall customer experience. They were planning to implement new business tools, update their phone system, and provide guests with Wi-Fi access, but their current Internet services were not reliable enough to facilitate these changes. After exploring various options, The Beach House turned to Execulink for a complete business solution that would address their connectivity issues and implement new services for a more efficient workflow and superior customer service. Execulink designed a customized package that included reliable Fibre Internet, Hosted Phone, and Link TV services. The installation required a strategic setup to ensure the Phone and TV service would get proper signal throughout the restaurant. Since implementation, Execulink’s Fibre network has made their online interactions 100 times better, resulting in increased productivity and cost savings, while Link TV’s streaming and programming options have improved what they are able to offer their customers.

Enhancing Wi-Fi Coverage and Connectivity for Lighthouse Festival Theatre

The Lighthouse Festival Theatre faced challenges with unreliable Internet services, leading them to switch to Execulink’s Fibre Internet to improve Wi-Fi coverage and connectivity for presentations. The theatre’s old building hindered connectivity, but Execulink’s fully managed Wi-Fi network with several access points provided enhanced coverage. Execulink worked closely with the theatre staff to identify the right service to support their cloud-based ticketing system. The transition was smooth, and the theatre was confident during the entire process. The Fibre Internet solution made moving to the new ticketing software easy, and private and third party entertainment groups renting the theatre had access to reliable Internet. During the pandemic, the theatre had to cancel its season, and staff needed to work from home, but the reliable Internet connection allowed them to work remotely without concern. The Lighthouse Festival Theatre looks forward to continuing its partnership with Execulink Telecom and staying connected with lightning-fast Fibre Internet.

Providing a User-Friendly and Functional Phone System for Harry’s Electric

Harry’s Electric, an electrical contractor service in Burgessville, Ontario, required an updated phone system that could handle all of their inbound and outbound traffic. With a need for a VoIP solution with more extensions, they found their current Meridian phone system outdated. Execulink Telecom’s Hosted Phone system was the solution that could provide more extensions, outgoing phone lines, and less monthly costs. Harry’s Electric was already using Execulink’s Fibre Internet, making the addition of Hosted Phone services an easy addition. The solution was up and running within a month and included features such as Multi-Line Hunt Group, Premium Attendant, Music on Hold, Call Park, Phone Paging, and Overhead Paging. The Hosted Phone system provided by Execulink is user-friendly and functional, with support and training available if needed in the future.

Offering Blazing-Fast Internet with Direct Accountability for Tigercat

Tigercat, a Canadian corporation specializing in the manufacturing and support of heavy-duty machinery, faced the challenge of selecting an Internet service provider based on cost, customer service, and serviceability. Initially, Tigercat chose a vendor based on serviceability, and Execulink’s service through a third party was the only option available. However, when Execulink installed its own Fibre infrastructure in the region, Tigercat switched to their Fibre Internet solution based on cost savings and better customer support. The transition to Execulink’s Fibre services was completed in a timely manner, and Tigercat now enjoys a fast and reliable Internet connection with 100 Mbps upload and download speeds. With Execulink’s Fibre services, Tigercat’s network has a reliable connection, enabling access to key systems and preventing losses during outages. Tigercat can count on Execulink to take responsibility and provide quick support when needed, resulting in enhanced customer service. Since switching to Execulink’s Fibre services, Tigercat has not needed to call the Customer Care team.

Partner with Execulink for Reliable and Fast Connectivity Solutions

In today’s fast-paced digital age, businesses need reliable and fast connectivity to stay ahead of the competition. Execulink’s complete connectivity solutions have helped businesses across South Western Ontario overcome technology barriers and transform their operations. Our tailored solutions, including Fibre Internet, Hosted Phone, and Wi-Fi solutions, ensure that businesses have access to the connectivity they need to succeed. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business achieve its goals with reliable and fast connectivity.

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